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With so many different kodi addons available, which ones are the best among the rest? If your new to Kodi then sorting through so many different addons can be daunting task. So we wanted to make things easier and compile a top 10 list to help narrow your choices.

Just in case you don’t know what an addon is, they are very similar to apps from the Android Playstore or Apple App Store. These addons can range from viewing movies, tv shows, sports, fitness, live TV, or even an all-in-one package.

So, lets get down and dirty with out top 10 Best Kodi addons for 2016 list.

1. Exodus – Movie/TV Streaming

exodus kodi

Exodus is the best addon you could install onto your Kodi device for movies and TV shows, due to its amazing reliability for finding streams.

The interface is very clean and easy to navigate. It provides some of the best sources you can find on the web, meaning you will always find a reliable source to stream from. Its almost a guarantee you will find a working link, which is why this addon hits the number one spot on our list.

Exodus is originally developed by Lambda, who use to work on a now outdated addon called Genesis. [Read: How to install Exodus on Kodi Guide]

2. Spectro Fork – Movie/TV Streaming

specto movie kodi

If your looking for another awesome addon for movies and TV shows. Then look no further, as specto comes in at second place for our list of top 10 Kodi addons.

The addon itself is very similar to Exodus with minor variations and is a fork of the Genesis addon, which is no long available.

Its developed and updated by MrKnow and comes with all the great features of its predecessor.

It also supports library integration, video downloading, automatic subtitles and [Read More: How install Specto on Kodi Guide]

3. Phoenix – All In One

how to install phoenix kodi addon

Phoenix is a compilation of content from all over the world. It’s a all-in-one type of addon that contain movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, and live streams.

It’s regarded as one of the most comprehensive list of video content available and is constantly being updated.

This addon is made from a team of developers from Blazetamer, Crusader88, Lambda, BluePhoenixNow, One242415, Rockcrusher, Staael2014, TNPB, and Woody. [Read More: Install Phoenix Addon On Kodi Guide]

4. Sports Devil – Sports Streaming, Live Sports

sportsdevil addon for kodi

Sportsdevil is the addon for all your sporting needs. Its definitely of the more popular sports addon you can install.

Sportsdevil provides access to a ridiculous amount of live sports stream. You’ll find NFL, Sky Sports, BT Sports and load of other sports categories to choose from.


5. Bob Unrestricted – All In One

bob unrestricted kodi

Blue and Valhalla joined up with Costa and TA to create a new Kodi addon called Bob Unrestricted.

You’ll be able to access a large range of movies, live TV, and music streams as well.

Be sure to check out this latest addon sitting at our number 5 spot


6. Salts (Stream All The Sources) – Movie/TV Shows

salts kodi

The Kodi SALTS addon includes several sources where you can find a great list of Media sources with the latest movies and your favorite TV shows.

Movies are organized in several categories, such as trending movies, popular movies and others. TV shows can be browsed using similar categories, and in both cases, there is a search option, as well as a list with saved searches and recent ones.

Ultimately Salts is another great movie/TV show option to install onto your Kodi device! [Read More: How to install SALTS addon onto kodi]

7. UK Turk’s Playlist – LiveTV

kodi uk turk movie,tv, live tv,sports

UK Turk’s playlists is another very popular Kodi addon with large amounts of content. It contains movies, TV shows, live TV, cartoons, documentaries, radio, CCTV, turkish TV and much more.

Some of the streams are one click and they seem to work reliably. Be sure to download and install this addon as this is a must have [Read more: Install UK Turk’s Playlist on Kodi]

8. 1channel – Movie/TV Shows

1channel kodi addon

1Channel lets you watch movies, TV-Shows and media playlists directly through Kodi, whether it’s on a computer or embedded media-center, all is streamed instantly and fluently.

One of the best things about 1Channel addon is that the selection is huge, to get a sense of how enormous it is, you can navigate your browser into website (1Channel’s source) and see for yourself.Another cool thing about 1Channel is that it’s so simple to install, it only takes a few steps to get it working, and here’s how you do it:


 9. cCloudTV – Live IPTV

ccloudtv iptv kodicCloud TV has been around the Kodi scene for quite awhile, offering reliable Live TV. It’s a great addon to have with more than 1000+ live channels, including movies, TV shows, news, to premium radio.

The reason this makes it to out #9 spot is cCloud is an amazing IPTV addon that provides consistency and reliability.  Check out this addon and add it to your Kodi Collection!

10. Zen

zen kodi addon

Zen comes in our number #10 spot providing outstanding HD quality content.

The addon itself is very similar to exodus with some minor cosmetic changes. Thanks to the base code from Lambda, this addon has its own unique quality.

However, this is not a clone or duplicate in any way. So enjoy this amazing addon as this will make a great addition to any Kodi setup!

This wraps up our top 10 list of the best Kodi addons. If you found that we may be missing any addons that should of made this list. Please leave a comment below or contact us!


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