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All In One Wizard

An all in one wizard is a program that will allow you do multiple things on it such as downloading and installing a build, video addons, program addons, maintenance tools, tweaks, etc.

Since the Echo Wizard officially closed down recently at the end of March, many users are left looking for alternatives to replace the wizard in their build setup. As of course, the Echo maintenance tools for clearing cache, deleting thumbnails and things was such a great asset that nearly every build had it.

It was easy to setup and awesome at what it did with the auto cleaning feature that knocked out that daunting weekly cleaning routine.

So now you’re probably asking, what can I use now instead of the Echo Wizard?

Well, we wanted to show you other alternative wizards similar enough to the Echo Wizard in the list below that could potentially become your next all in one wizard.

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4 Best Alternative Wizards to the Echo Wizard

Ares Wizard

This is a classic wizard dating back in the early days of Kodi. It’s been around forever and pretty much does everything you need. You’ll be able to find community builds, install addons, tools, tweaks, setting changes, backup/restore within the Wizard. Definitely, check it out if you need a similar maintenance tool.

ARES Wizard 1 4ARES Wizard 2ARES Wizard 4ARES Wizard 1

Fusion – Indigo Installer

This Fusion Indigo installer from TV Addons isn’t quite like the other Wizards. It’s more of a program addon but since it’s pretty similar to a wizard. We thought should we should add this bad boy to the list anyways, as it still does a lot for a Kodi user.

It has the ability to configure your Kodi software to the best tweaked settings, add addons, factory restore, backup/restore, adult addon access, etc. It definitely offers a lot but it doesn’t offer builds.

This use to be called the Addon Installer as well.

Wookie Wizard

Wookie Wizard is another classic wizard like the Ares Wizard. It’s been around for awhile and you can find a lot of content on there with a bunch of community builds, addon packs, tools, etc.

You’ll be able to find the Wookie Builds on there and most notably the addon packs are a great feature.

wookie-wizard-youtubeSupreme Builds Wizard

The Supreme Build is another great addition to the lines of all in one wizards. Its a bit of a smaller wizard but still packed with goodies. You’ll be able to find the a popular build called Titanium XXX adult build on there and a few others. It has some maintenance tools and tweaks.

Most notably, it has a great auto clean feature and backup restore function.

Supreme Build Wizard-03Supreme Build Wizard-02Supreme Build Wizard-01



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