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5 Popular UFC/MMA Kodi Addons

Finding a UFC/MMA content can be tough and frustrating when addons are unreliable or even outdated. Being a UFC/MMA fan, we wanted to compose a list of the best kodi addons to use for you fighting fans out there. After all, every second counts in the octagon and missing those few second could mean anything.

Here is our top list of UFC-MMA Kodi addons.

1. UFC Finest

Based on our research and experience, this addon is by far the best one to use. The availability and reliable is outstanding, giving you access to tons of old and new fighting content.

Everything about it seems to be well constructed. If this could be an official outlet for UFC, then this addon would be the closest thing to for Kodi users. However it does have some downfalls, such as finding past and current PPV events. Even so, you you still have access to a large catalog of videos

When you first open up UFC Finest, you’ll notice the menu is simple with easy to understand. We’ll list them here:

  • UFC Fight Night
  • UFC Movies
  • UFC Retro
  • UFC Documentaries
  • UFC TV
  • UFC Youtube
  • Ultimate fighter
  • Utimate Fighter Latino
  • UFC Select

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2. AllWrestling

This addon comes in second place on our UFC/MMA for Kodi Addon list. It contains a mixture of UFC and wrestling content, but doesn’t have quite as much UFC as UFC finest. What is does have, is live streams to PPV matches and that is probably what your looking for when the time comes.

AllWresting seems to also be an intermediate like Sportsdevil. It fetches links and provides them for you. Some links work and some don’t but at least this addon offers the ability to access numbered UFC matches.


3. Sportsdevil

As you know Sportsdevil is great for finding live sport links, whether it be basketball, football, soccer and MMA. However, finding a working reliable link could be frustrating at times but you’ll usually find something with the vast amount of options and links they have.

Overall, AllWresting and Sportsdevil would be you two best bets to finding a good live stream.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix is another addon that offers live streaming for UFC/MMA content. However, the only section that seems to work correctly for UFC/MMA is One242415.

If you look in the Mixed Martial Art Sections, you’ll find it broken down into:

  1. MMA Now
  2. Fight TV Plus
  3. GFL Combat Sports
  4. UFC Next

You’ll be able to find some live streams in this addon.

5. Money Sports

This addon is not as great as the addons mentioned above, but it offers a great last resort if you can’t find any available streams. This is why it comes in at number 5 on our list.

Even though this is a last resort, it does seem as though the streaming link is directly hosted unlike AllWresting and Sportsdevil, that is used as an intermediate.

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