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Adbfire (now known as adblink) was actually one of the first ways to side-load Android applications onto an Amazon Firestick. You would have to connect your Fire stick via IP address or direct USB connection, then connect to a program called adbfire in order to send anything to your device.

This method became a way to side-load or a more popular term “Jailbreak” the Amazon Fire stick. Technically, jailbreaking an android OS would mean rooting the device and gaining access as a superuser, but we’re not doing that here. We are simply side-loading applications, simple as that.

Kodi was the main android application to side-load due to its streaming popularity, and was unavailable to download and install from Amazon. Even though by design, it is really only a media player, you can install third party add-ons that allow you to access online streams and other related content.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your Amazon Fire TV stick device with adbfire (adblink) and side-load a few common, popular applications.



Enable ADB Debugging on Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is a very important step, since this allows you to access your ADB functions by enabling it within your settings. This will allow you to connect adbFire (adbLink) to your Fire TV stick and access the ability to side-load applications and more.

At your Amazon home screen, scroll to

Settings -> Developer Options -> Select ADB debugging to ON

adb debugging


Download adbFire (adblink) Program Tool

Obviously, we need to download the program tool on our PC or MAC in order for the device to connect to anything.

So lets download adbFire (adblink), we have a link below or you can go directly to the webpage and download it, then install the program.


Find Your Fire TV Stick IP Address

Now that we have ADB debugging enabled and the the program necessary to side-load the applications. We now need to find the Fire TV stick’s IP Address. Make sure your device and computer is connected to the same network.

Go to Settings -> About -> Network

Remember the IP or jot it down somewhere, you will need to input this later in adbFire (adbLink)

adb link fire stick ip address


Connect Your Fire TV Stick to adbFire (adbLink)

So, now we need the IP address we jotted down earlier. Open up adbFire (adbLink) and the program should look similar to the screenshot below. Select the New button and a new box will popup, now you need to enter your information accordingly

Just fill in
Description: Amazon Fire Stick (anything you want really)
Address: 192.XXX.XX.XX

That’s pretty much it, then select Save. Now you can side-load anything android application you want (APK Files) and other functions as well.




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