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If your new to Kodi, then you may of heard several terms thrown around like 3rd party addons, builds, repositories, etc. So now you’re probably at a point where your trying to figure out what they all mean or even better, which ones are the best.

In this post, we want to focus are what repositories are which ones are the best for you to download and install. Since not all repositories are created equally, some better than others depending on what source files they have and usually how popular they’ve become.

We’ll break that down for you here, but lets figure out what we are getting ourselves into with these Kodi repositories

So what is a Kodi repository?

A repository is an aggregation of files or addons placed into one storage location. In the beginning addons were developed as individual files hosted on several different servers. A repository helps aggregate or contain certain addons in one place, where you can easily find and install from. This is why we have Kodi repositories, to help organize if not all addons into one, easily accessible place.

Kodi Repositories can also be used to keep any of its installed addons up to date. A repository can be installed in two ways.

1) Download/install from local storage
2) Download/install from a weblink

Two Way to Install a Kodi Repository

Method 1 – Download/install from local storage

Example. Download Ares Repository [] to Desktop from

step 1 ares repository step 1

  • Select Settings [Cog]

step 1 kodi repo

  • Select File Manager
  • Select Add Source
    Indigo kodi addon - add source
  • Select [Browse]
  • Locate the parent location of the repository file, select it.
  • Under file manager, select the parent folder, select the respository and install

Method 2 – Download/install from weblink



Top 5 Best Kodi Respostories

  1. Ares Repository

  2. Superrepo

  3. XunityTalk Respository

  4. TV Addons

  5. Noobs and Nerds Repo



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