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Call Blocking

Honestly, this is probably the most useful app you can download for any phone and I personally use it quite often.

There will be times in your life, specific people, or even debt collectors that you want to stop calling or harassing you. They just keep calling and calling, leaving you frustrated with anxiety because you just don’t want to be bothered today or even for the next couple of months.

That’s completely understandable… we are human after all.


Reasons for call blocking?

  • Some peace and quiet!
  • Crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, even your current love ones.
  • Annoying family members
  • Stalkers
  • Spam/Telemarketers
  • Debt Collectors

Whatever the reason may be, call blocking solves the simple problem of blocking people out of your life or even just temporary.

So, now we have compiled a list of the best free call blocking apps for android in 2017. So if you have a smartphone and have any of the following reasons above to get a call blocking app.

Check our list, at least you make a better decision whese as your call blocking app!

Top 10 Free Call Blocking Apps for Android 2017

Call Blocker Free

Must have call blocker that allows you to block anything calls, SMS, MMS that goes to your phone. You’ll have the ability to pick and choose specific people to go onto your “Whitelist”, people you want to interact!

It comes with 4 blocking modes to choose from, which comes in handy depending on the level of the block you want.


  • Small program
  • Easy to use
  • Blocking features!


  • Ads near the top

Safest Call Blocker

Another good app that is simple to use, it allows you to block phone numbers from your call logs, contact list or manually inputting numbers.

If you don’t want anything complex and does a simple job without issues. The safest call blocker is the app to get for your android phone.


  • Simple, easy to use
  • Quick launch


  • Ads at bottom

Mr Number

Nicely designed app, allows full control and protection from people you want to block. It even has a reverse phone number lookup service, which comes very handy if you always get random numbers calling you!

Otherwise, great app and does what needs to be done with call blocking and more.


  • Easy to use
  • Full blockage from spam or blocked callers


  • lots of function, may crash
  • Roughly 28mb in size


Just like Mr. Number, maybe even better. It’s a fully fleshed out call blocking application for Android, providing features such as reverse phone lookup, caller ID security protection, call blocking, call protection, and few others.

Overall, this application allows you complete monitoring control and blocking call functions.


  • Complete protection
  • Provides complete call blocking
  • Can even call from the app


  • You have to verify your phone number.

Call Blocker

Want a simple call blocker, well this badboy is as simple as it gets. No crazy advance functions or extra additional workarounds. Add people either to your blacklist or whitelist.

Plain and simple!


  • Simple
  • Ad-free


  • Maybe too simple?

True Caller

Awesome simple call blocker with great ratings. It does a simple job of blocking spammers, unwanted callers, hidden numbers. Interface is easy to use and you can even call out from the app as well. You’ll can search through your call logs, contacts, or manually type in a number.

Shoot, you can even receive notifications within the app. whoa….


  • Easy to use
  • Simple interface and functions
  • Call through app


  • Requires phone number verification

Shoulder I Answer

Lol, I like the name “Should I Answer”, which is the usual question that passes through my mind when seeing unwanted names or numbers. With this call blocker, it has a unique function where you can actually rate your call. This will tell whether this is a call you want coming in.


  • Phone call rating scale
  • Cool app name
  • Cool GUI


  • Lots of settings, lol, may confuse a lot of you

Black List Plus

Sounds cool, black list plus! The free version of this is simple, blocks calls and the ability to block calls during certain times of the day. You can even setup a password for privacy.


  • Does the job well
  • Block calls during certain times of the day
  • Privacy password


  • Free version is very limited compared to pro version

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

ZenUI does everything within its application. You can control your phone contacts, place incoming/outgoing calls, block whatever you want. It even comes with a voicemail service when enabled through the app.

Pretty much a complete phone app replacement with blocking abilities.

Root Call Blocker

So if you have a rooted phone, this call blocker will work well with it and if you don’t. You can’t use this call blocker at all… lol. So this comes in last place, but it does a pretty good job of blocking your calls.

You can even choose the time to block calls, like during your naps or when you in a do not disturb mode.


  • Great for rooted phones
  • Blocking calls during certain times of the day


  • Must have a rooted phone
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