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A compass is probably one the oldest man made tool to help solve a simple problem.

Where the fudge is north? lol

A magnetic instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows direction relative to the geographic points.

It’s quite a useful tool if you plan on getting lost camping, hiking, bike riding or whatever outdoor activities you plan to do. Having a compass is one of those tools you gotta bring along, just in case you really do get lost.

With the powerful smart phones we have nowadays, who needs an oldskool compass right?

Right, we can download an actual compass app on your phone and that’ll do that trick! Pretty much, you can just end up carrying just one device with everything you need instead of lugging around an actual compass, even if it’s small.

So now you gotta use the best of the best for your outdoor fun and we’ll you the best compass apps you can get for your Android phone for 2017.

Hopefully, out of all these compass apps. You’ll find one that fits your style.

Best Compass Apps for Android
Traveling, hiking, trekking, bike riding, outdoor activities

Top Best Compass Apps for Android 2017

Compass 360 Pro

Well this Compass 360 Pro is free and the best compass app you can get. However it does come with ads, so it may or may not bother you. Otherwise, it’s mathematically accurate in determining your cardinal points.

So what what makes this compass app cool or the best?

Well, it allows you to lock and unlock your coordinates, displays a magnetic field in the center, and select different skins if you don’t like the stock one. Dang, it even has a built in GPS support with Latitude, longitude, and Altitude calibration.

Compass 360 Pro


  • Free
  • No internet connection needed, unless using GPS
  • Changeable skins


  • Ads may or may not bother you

Compass Pro

The Compass Pro seems to be very flesh out with a lot of goodies. You’ll find that it has a rotating bezel and displays all four directions of compass points. On top of the screen, it’ll even show your positioning degree accurately.

This compass app does require you to setup so that it can give you the most accurate results. Thereafter, it’ll perform an amazing job in giving near perfect results.

Compass Pro


  • Beautiful design
  • Very accurate


  • Just need to set it up once.

Accurate Compass

The Compass Pro looks aesthetically pleasing with its 3D looking compass right in the center and overall designs. So, if you’re into looks then this is comparable compass app to use.

Another cool thing about Compass pro is that you don’t actually need to have the phone parallel to the ground for an accurate reading. The compass pro will adjust accordingly, along with the cool 3D compass in the middle 🙂



  • Aesthetically cool 3D compass and overall design
  • Accurate without being parallel to the ground


  • Ads, but its free!
  • Requires an internet connection, dang…

Digital Compass

This is a straight to the point compass app. It has black and white theme, making the contrast between the background and interface easier to distinguish. With such a simple theme in mind, the menu has to be simple as well. You won’t find any issues trying to figure out all its crazy extra functions, as it really doesn’t have any.

Most compass users like this particular because of the simplicity.

digital-compass Best digital compass android
Digital Compass


  • Black/White theme
  • Easy to use interface
  • Straight the point


  • Ads
  • No maps for the free version

3D Compass Plus

Another 3D compass, but not as nice looking as the accurate compass. However it does have some neat features. You can use a map and see the path ahead, record and take notes for any interesting locations.

When you’re driving, it will display the map, address, speed and time on your phone. You can take a photo anytime and it will leave a time stamp of when you took it. Great for travelers trying to organize a time order.

Image result for 3d compass plus app


  • 3D Compass
  • Maps, taking notes and pictures (w/ time stamp)
  • Displays speed and time
  • No ads


  • Consumes power

Military GPS

Most travelers usually like hunting gadgets, tools, and camping related supplies. Of course, most travelers might be inclined to trying out a military themed compass. After all, might give you a cool action movie feel when using it.

What this compass offers is a military style theme, combat styled position coordinates, uses google maps.


  • Military, Combat styled theme
  • Use it anywhere


  • Needs clear line of sight for satellite for accurate reading.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen the Top 7 compass apps for Android. You can now make a better choice in choosing your compass that matches you the best.

The best part about these compass apps is that they are free and accurate!

Enjoy your new compass when you hiking, camping, trekking, bike riding, whatever you plan to do outdoor!


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