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Exodus is known for being the best Kodi add-on for streaming movies and TV shows. It scrapes from all around the web and spits out the most reliable links to stream from.

Not only that, you could virtually find almost any movie and TV shows that has been produced and aired, along with all the past seasons as well.

This is why Exodus has been the most used and recommended Kodi add-on. It is the most complete and consistent, providing the same quality as if it was a paid service except its free!

You really can’t beat that.

However, there will be a time when Exodus stops working or being maintained. You may want to look for alternatives that are at least comparable if such a time comes.

Maybe, you just want some other options. Whatever the reason, we have a list of the best alternatives to Exodus below!

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Some of The Best Exodus Alternatives


With all the issues happening with Exodus, the new Covenant addon is the new replacement for Exodus. Everything should look and function the same as Exodus and possibly even better in the upcoming months. So if you’re looking for a direct replacement for Exodus then the Covenant addon is the one you want to install.


Covenant - Search
Covenant – Search
Covenant - New Movies or Episodes
Covenant – New Movies or Episodes

Elysium (Formally Known as Zen)

This add-on was originally known as Zen, which is now called Elysium. It started off as an Exodus fork but has gradually changed over time, physically and internally. It’s a great add-on and provides very much the same quality feeling as you would with Exodus.

The reliability and consistency is there, you’ll have access to a large varied library of both movies and TV shows, and the sleek interface theme.

Most users says it better and faster, but it seems to match Exodus on every level.

Elysium-Zen-Replacement - Menu
Elysium – Menu
Elysium - Movies Section Top
Elysium – Movies Section Top


This particular add-on started off as a Genesis Fork. You’ll find a lot of similarities between this and Exodus because Exodus was also a fork off the Genesis add-on. However, different developers maintain it.

Specto is actually developed and maintain by MrKnow, who has done a fantastic job of turning this add-on into a very respectable streaming program. It’s definitely a serious contender when looking for the best alternative to Exodus.

spectofeat kodispecto fork-1specto fork-2


123 Movies

Cool addon that already has a popular domain at You’ll be able to find and scour through tons of movies and TV shows. Its got a search function if you didn’t want to scroll through the pages and you could pretty much find whatever you want, same as if it was Exodus.

Definitely a great alternative to Exodus. Popular domain and branched Kodi addon.

123 movies - exodus alternative123 movies - exodus alternativeBubbles

Bubbles doesn’t have as much history as the add-ons above, but it doesn’t mean it can’t do all the of same functions or even better!

It definitely is a recently new add-on and provides pretty much the same function as Exodus. The bubbles add-on uses a combination of sources such as torrents to usenets to provide the amount of streaming links.

It does use premium services such as premiumize, Easynews and Real-Debrid.

bubbles kodi add-onbubbles kodi add-on

Genesis Reborn

I think it has a pretty cool name since we all know the originally Genesis add-on. This time it’s coming back as Genesis Reborn and of course this is a fork with better working code.

It does work well and seems very consistent with its function. You’ll be able to navigate easily through the menu, find your content, and find that reliable stream.

Overall, its definitely a great alternative to Exodus or even a complement to your movie and TV show setup.



1Channel has been around for quite some time. You’ll have access to a large amount of movies and TV shows, easy and simply menu, a search function, and more.

The only thing I have a gripe about is the pairing you would need to perform when trying to stream from the scraped sources. However, once your paid then you can easily start streaming.

It is definitely a contender for being an alternative to Exodus.

1Channel - Streaming Servers
1Channel – Streaming Servers
1Channel - Openload Stream Pairing
1Channel – Openload Stream Pairing


You’ve probably seen Openload links in one of your addons somewhere because it’s a popular source to stream from. We’ll shoot, we can actually install a Kodi addon that directly pulls from Openload and they work pretty much all the dang time.

It has some categories you can scroll through and also a search function so that you can find what you’re looking for directly. It’s a huge database, so you’ll most likely find what you’ll need.

Definitely another great Exodus alternative to check out since its a direct source.

openload exodus alternative

Notable Mentions

Here is even more add-ons that you look into as Exodus alternatives




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