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In this day in age, technology has drastically improved over the last decade, especially in the video industry.

From the early days of video tapes to amazing HD to Blu-ray quality content we have now. We are now so accustomed to finding the highest quality to watch and won’t settle for anything less!


Everything just looks better, clearer, giving off a much better experience than what we had in the past. With anything, you want the best output and performances from your software or hardware.

Of course, if you’ve been using Kodi for awhile then you’re probably been wanting to find the best sources to stream HD to Ultra HQ content. Keep in mind that almost every movie/TV addon will have some type of HD section.

We want to provide you a list of some recommended top add-ons that will provide you the most bang, probably gvingi the most or best HD streaming options available.

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Check out our VPN guide section for more information.

Best HD Video Add-ons For Kodi


The Pyramid Add-on is definitely recommended for high quality streams. It has sections for 3D Movies, 4k Movies, down to Real Debrid Blu-Ray movies with over 100 titles in each. Not only does it come with a great selection of quality streams, you’ll find a lot of other goodies.

It offers something called zones and they are listed as follows

  • Documentary Zone
  • Kids Zone
  • Kodi Zone
  • Movie Zone
  • Music Zone
  • Radio Zone
  • Sport Zone
  • TV/Entertainment Zone

Pyramid Addon - 01Pyramid Addon - 02

  • Install Pyramid Add-on

UK Turklist

Uk Turklist is an all in one type of add-on that connects you to variety of content found online such as movies, TV shows, live TV, documentaries and more. You’ll happy to know that you can find HD streams within this add-on as well, giving you pretty decent amount of titles to select from.

Uk turklist

Project M

Project M is another all in one add-on connecting you to live TV, IPTV, movies in 3D, HD, to 4k movies. So not only will you have access to HD or higher content, you’ll find a variety of content to stream from. Project M is a great choice to find smaller categories like music to documentaries.

Merlin-Project M


A new upcoming Kodi add-on that could very much replace the famous and popular Exodus. As you know Exodus is the probably the best source to find all your movies and TV shows, and usually offers many HD quality streams. You’ll be able to find out the quality of each stream with an HD (High definition) or SD (Standard Definition) indicator.

The Covenant will function and look exactly like Exodus. We’ll provide a link to install Exodus, but keep in mind that Exodus could eventually stop working due to updates. 

The Covenant Kodi Add-on - Movies List (People Watching)
The Covenant Kodi Add-on – Movies List (People Watching)

The BlackHat

The blackhat add-on is from the Maverick Repo. It has 4K movies, boxsets, music TV, documentaries, kids and more. It offers 4K section with 43 streamable titles and a great option for picking popular movies to stream from. You’ll find movies like Star Trek beyond, Avatar, Suicide Squad, Moana and more titles.

theblackhat - 4k -01theblackhat - 4k -02

  • Install BlackHat Kodi add-on


Skynet is very promising add-on that offers a lot of quality streams. Once you open Skynet, you’ll be presented with three add-ons within it called Maverick TV, Silent Hunter, Supremacy. Within each add-on, you’ll find a 4k or higher sections with many title selections to choose from. Definitely another must have add-on even if you’re not looking for HD streams, you’ll find a vast amount of content categories to choose from.

  • Supremacy has 87 Ultra 4k titles, 75 3D Streams
  • Maverick TV – 42 4k titles, Sky cinema channels HD

skynet - 01skynet - 02skynet - 03


Of course, if you didn’t want to install Skynet for whatever reason. You can install the Supremamcy a la cart, since it does have a great selection of quality streams by itself. You can follow our guide on how to install the Supremacy add-on.

It’s also an add-on that can stand on its own because it has many other content categories to choose from such as Kids TV, movies, TV shows.

skynet - 02

  • Install Supremacy Add-on



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