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Kodi Builds for Firestick

Kodi is an awesome media player that is made for a variety of different platforms such as PC, Mac, Android, Linux and more. The add-ons made available, officially and unofficially, can create an ultimate media streaming device.

Amazon Firestick Homepage - Best Kodi Builds for Firestick
Amazon Firestick Homepage

Here is this article, we’ll be discussing and reviewing some of the best made Kodi builds for the Amazon Firestick, which is a popular chosen device among Kodi users. Simply because the device is cost effective, comes from a reputable company, works alongside paid subscriptions and works relatively well with Kodi.

So well, that we certain terms like Firestick and Kodi just goes hand in hand with each other nowadays.

If you’ve been learning how to program these sticks yourself then you’re probably searching for some of the best list of things you can do.

Perhaps, looking for the best Kodi builds for the Firestick list?

No look further buddy, we’ve got you covered!

Best Kodi Builds for The Firestick

No Limit Magic Build

What Can I say?

You’ve heard the name before if you know anything about Kodi builds or add-ons. It’s a very popular build among Kodi users because its jammed packed with awesome, popular, up to date add-ons that provide some sense of reliability.

The No Limits Magic Build offers a Firestick version that is easily install-able from their No Limits wizard with two download servers to choose from. It’s lightly packed and is less than a 300 MB download.

It has a simple, easy to navigate menu system of Movies, TV shows, More, Networks, Live TV, Sports, then the list of all in one type of addons. You’ll be please to find BOB unleashed, Quantum, UK Turklist, and Bennu.

Even comes with some useful tools like the Ares Wizard, Community Portal, in house No Limit Tools, and other additional tools.

Highly recommended Firestick build, quite possibly the best choice.

No Limits Magic Build - All in one add-on - Best Firestick Build #1
No Limits Magic Build – All in one add-ons ( Quantum, BOB, Bennu, UK Turklist
No Limits Magic Build - Best Firestick Build #1
No Limits Magic Build – Movies/TV Show Format
No Limits Magic Build - Tools - Best Firestick Build #1
No Limits Magic Build – Tools

Pulse CCM Build

This has always been one of my favorite builds, especially for the Amazon Firestick. I’ve been using this on and off throughout the past couple of years.


Great and efficient build because its simple and contains add-ons that are currently working. If you’ve used Kodi for awhile, you know that add-ons usually don’t last that long and eventually reincarnates into something else. Another reason that makes this build so… so awesome, is that the build is constantly being updated and revised.

So at least you know, if add-ons stop working for any type of reason. You will know that Pulse CCM build will have an update available for installation.

The size of the download is small, sitting at little under 280 MB which is great for the Firestick. Again, Pulse CCM definitely belongs in the rungs of the top best Kodi builds for the Firestick or in general for that matter.

Pulse CCM - All in one - Best Kodi Builds Firestick
Pulse CCM – All In One
Pulse CCM - Movies-TV Shows - Best Kodi Builds Firestick
Pulse CCM – Movies and TV Shows
Pulse CCM - Updated Information - Best Kodi Builds Firestick
Pulse CCM – Updated Information

Fire TV Guru

As you can tell by the name, Fire TV Guru, it has to be made specifically for the Fire TV devices.

Yeah, it definitely lives up the name and is quite a good one at that. With all the things happenings with the Kodi community, repositories and builds closing down. This one is still operational and geared for the Amazon Firestick with its lite version.

It’s an extremely small download, sitting at 181 MB. The smaller the build, the better it is for the Firestick in terms of operating smoothly.

The theme is simple and easy to navigate, nothing too crazy or unique. Also, it might not be the prettiest of builds. However, it gets the job done and gets it done well with 27 total add-ons

  •  Installation Guide – Fire TV Guru

Hyper TT Build

(Update 8/22/2017: No longer available due to EU Laws)

This build is created by TopTutorials, who is a YouTuber with a huge subscriber base. Of course being a Kodi tutorial guy on YouTube, you gotta have you’re own build out there. Well, this build is called the Hyper TT build which is a great build to have and he many different versions you can download depending on your device.

Yes, the Amazon Firestick version is readily available for download and installation.

hyper tt firestick buildWookie Lite Build

(Update 8/22/2017: No longer available)

Another Oldskool build packed with some goodies. The Wookie Lite build was made for Firestick. It sits very cleanly with it’s red and black color theme, which are my two favorite colors!

Comes with all the popular add-ons that are still working. The backgrounds and menu are very sleek and designed very well. It’s little augmentations in certain areas that make this build quite unique.

You’ll be happy to use this build if you’re a wookie wizard fan.

However, this build is currently down and not working.

wookie lite build, best for kodi krypton 17 jailbroken fire stickWookie lite build kodi 17

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