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As long as I’ve been using Kodi, I’ve never really had a great experience when it came to looking for sport streams. It was always a hit a miss when finding reliable streams that could offer somewhat decent quality and at the same time, a buffer-free connection.

It’s quite frustrating, but what can you expect when all this is free right?

So don’t expect to find or compare Kodi Sport add-ons to what a premium service provider can provide (Such as a Dish Network NFL Package offering all games).

Just not gonna happen, but at least you can try to use the best and common add-ons out there that can give you the best possibility of finding working streams.

So with all this ranting, we’ll give you a list of some recommended Kodi add-ons when searching for your favorite sports like Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hocket, UFC, MLB and more.

Best Live Sports for Kodi

Planet MMA (Was UFC Finest)

UFC Fan? Well, this add-on is possibly the best add-on you can find for UFC/MMA and even boxing. There may be other similar add-ons out there but it doesn’t do nearly as great of job as this one here. It’s consistently updated by DetectiveKodi, who is very active as a developer of Planet MMA.

You can find live fights that air, previous events, and other cool related UFC/MMA content. Upon opening of Planet MMA, you’ll see a diverse menu list making you feel like this is fully fleshed with content.


Sports Devil

Sports Devil probably the longest running add-on for finding and watching sport streams. It aggregates from multiple sport sources and displays everything into a decent organized list. It is the best and largest source to find streams because of the many sources, but keep in mind that a lot of times the links don’t work.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

However, Sports devil should be one of your sources when looking for streams.

sports devil live tv addonSportsdevil Repo InstallSportsdevil Repo Install

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is known to be one the best live TV add-ons created, bringing you access to many local and international channels. You’ll be able to find a vast amount of sport content in their sport’s section from different parts of the world. You may experience less reliability when it comes to American sport streams due to the aggressively blockage.

Besides that, you’ll be able to access roughly over 150 channels of sports content!

ccloudtv live tv

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Pro Sport

This is another decent add-on that provides a list of upcoming live games and information on whether they are available to stream. The menu setup is very short and simple that displays four leagues to choose from: NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB.

Keep in mind that the streams don’t always work, but it does provide an archive for replays just in case you couldn’t stream it earlier or completely missed the game.

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The Sanctuary add-on was given a new name when new developers had taken it over. Re-branded as Quantum, it still offers the same punch the Sanctuary add-on had with tons of diverse content to select from.

If you didn’t know, Oblivion is now apart of the Quantum add-on providing a large number of live streaming options. Along with a sports section, you’ll be able to tons of options to use. You can even find other live streams from other sources from within the sports section like Renegades Dark, Deliverance, BAMF Live sports, Fido Sports, etc.


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GoodFellas 2.0

I believe the GoodFellas is an excellent choice when choosing an add-on for sports. It offers an easy to navigate menu list that displays your sport options of MLB, NFL, Soccer, UFC, to even motor sports. Once you pick a sport you want to watch such as NFL, it’ll display a list of sources you can select from.

GoodFellas - Menu
GoodFellas – Menu
GoodFellas - NBA
GoodFellas – NBA

Project D

Okay okay…. So this isn’t exactly an add-on for live sports, but I had to put this on the list just because it has a vast amount of sport replays from all sport related categories and in great quality.

We’ll list them out real quick

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Formula 1
  • Football
  • MotoGP
  • NFL
  • NCAA
  • Rugby
  • Supercars
  • UFC
  • WWE

So if you’ve miss a game or a whole season, you can pretty much access most if not all of it here. It also has some off categories as well such as 3D Hub, animations, documentaries, and PD movies.

Definitely a must have for sports fan, even if it isn’t geared toward live TV. Just having access to old replays is pretty cool.

PROJECT D - Kodi Add-on - 01PROJECT D - Kodi Add-on - 01

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