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If you want additional resources to complement your Kodi application. You can install an android application called Showbox, which allows access to a vast amount of movies and TV shows.

You can even access to movie trailers and movie ratings from IMDB on the app. So it’s definitely a good additional program to have.

To operate Showbox properly, you do need another android application called mouse toggle. It provides an option to have a mouse cursor, which you can control via your Firestick remote. Otherwise, you can really select anything without it.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you to download and install both applications onto your Amazon Fire Stick.

A video tutorial below to help clarify any steps.


Enabling Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources

  1. At your Amazon Home screen
  2. Scroll to Settings > Device 
  3. Select Developer options
  4. Click on Apps from Unknown Sources
  5. Click Turn On

Step 2.
Downloading ES Explorer

You can normally find this somewhere on your amazon home screen, select it and download it. However, if you can’t then follow the steps below.

  1. At your Amazon home screen
  2. Scroll to Apps > Categories > Utility
  3. Select ES File Explorer (Blue folder with the letters ES)

How to jailbreak your Amazon Fire Stick with ES explorer

Step 3.
Adding Showbox and Mouse Toggle Bookmarks


  1. On the left side menu, select favorite > add
  2. Select Path and enter web address
  3. Enter a name, example: showbox
  4. Select the new bookmark under favorite > showbox
  5. Scroll down and select latest version of showbox
  6. A new page should load, select again latest version of showbox
  7. Scroll outside in the the bottom menu and select more > open in browser
  8. Open with ES Downloader
  9. Download, then select install

Mouse Toggle

  1. On the left side menu, select favorite > add
  2. Select Path and enter web address
  3. Enter a name, example: mouse
  4. Select the new bookmark under favorite > mouse
  5. Select
  6. Download then open file mousetoggle.apk
  7. Install mousetoggle program

Open Showbox

Select and open showbox by going to
Settings > applications > manage applications > showbox

Enabling Mousetoggle

Open showbox, double tap the play button on your Amazon remote quickly to turn mouse cursor on.

Single tap the play button to turn off mouse cursor


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