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What Are All In One Kodi Addons?

An all In one Kodi addon is essentially an addon that contains a variety of different streaming content and not just with one particular focus. For example, you’ll generally find sections such as movies, live TV, sports, kids, fitness or any other unique sections that may be apart of that addon.

All in one addons are not like addons like Covenant, Elysium, Specto that may have a singular objective of providing movies and TV shows. Another example would be Sportsdevil that primarily focuses on sports link. All in one addons usually focuses on several different genres, a variety pack of things!

If we look at the screenshot below using UK Turk Playlist, this is a perfect example of what a core all in one Kodi addon would typically have. UK Turklist Menu - Best all in one Kodi

Using the movie section in UK Turk Playlist, you’ll find that they have a lot of other selections you can choose such as 3D movies, box set movies, movies based on eras, etc.

UK Turklist - movies

Now that you an idea of what all in one addons are, lets get down to finding some of the best and most popular all in addons you can install.

We’ll be showing you some screenshots of each, along with a short description. You can find the installation guide to each addon that is listed.

Best All In One Kodi Addons

UK Turk Playlist

UK Turk Playlist is our most highly recommended all in one addon. It just has everything you need with so much content to look through. It has 14 general sections listed and each section has its own mini variety within it. For example, if we look into the movies section, you’ll find that it has a section for new movies, 3D/4K quality movies, movies based on eras, boxsets, James bond, and many others.

There are some other unique general categories such as Turkist content, foodporn and a CCTV section that I don’t believe you can find in other all in one addons

It’s also a visually aesthetic addon because it uses nice little thumbnails for each section. It’s an overall solid addon and a must have if you plan on using Kodi or thinking about which addons you want installed.

UK Turklist Menu - Best all in one Kodi


Quantum is another good all in one addon. It seems that it acts more of like a middle man that pulls from other sources or addons. Some of these sources are Oblivion, Pyramid, Fido, BamF, Supremacy, and Brettus to name a few. I’m sure you may recognize some of these addons, which means it pulls from some decent reliable sources.

As you open the Quantum Kodi addon, the menu sections look pretty standard. You’ll find these sections listed below..

  • Big Bag’O’Tricks [TV Schedule]
  • 24/7
  • Documentaries
  • Kids
  • Live TV
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Sports
  • TV Shows
  • Addons [ 14 addons it pulls content from ]

The most unique things about Quantum is the Big Bag”O” tricks section that provides you a schedule of what will be airing for particular dates. There is an addon section where you’ll basically find all the addons that it uses, which is about 14 total

Quantum - addons
14 total addons it pulls from
Quantum - bigbagotricks
Quantum – TV schedule section
Quantum Kodi - menu
Quantum Kodi Menu

The Pyramid

If you already have the Quantum, then you already have the Pyramid installed. It’s under the addon section within the Quantum Kodi addon. However, we thought we might mention this just because it’s another option you can select from.

It’s a great addon with a Pyramid type of theme, which is great for a build such as the Tomb Raider by TomB, who I believe created this build.

This addon alone has tons of content, definitely worth a look.

  pyramid -menu

Stream Army

Another all in one addon called Stream Army, which has a few cool unique sections and of course the core sections as well. In my opinion, the virtual reality section is definitely the coolest part about this addon. If you look at the screenshots of the virtual section, you can find 7 categories to select from with virtual reality content.

Definitely makes this addon unique because of the VR, but it also has an adult section where you can set a password, reviews, youtube tutorials, and a devs testing area that wouldn’t normally find in other all in one addons

stream army - menu
stream army – menu
stream army - Virtual reality
stream army – Virtual reality
stream army -bottom meny
stream army -bottom menu


Cool name and cool idea behind it. Its called the Wolfpack, which actually makes sense in terms of naming an all in one addon. Wolfpack is group of wolves, same as an all in one addon where you have different sections within it.

It has the core sections in this as well and some unique sections as well. You can find sections called More Power, Wolves Den, and Live Cams that are unique to this addon. The ‘More Power’ contains groups of movies such as futuristic movies, superheroes movies, comedy movies, Harry Potter, etc.

Then you have the ‘Wolves Den’ section that contains some random content like VR videos, relaxation, cooking, religions and things of those sorts.

The live cam section contains live streams where cameras are available.

wolfpack - wolves den
wolfpack – wolves den
wolfpack - live cams
wolfpack – live cams
wolfpack - menu
wolfpack – menu
wolfpack Kodi addon - more power
wolfpack – more power


BoB Unleashed

BoB Unleashed is similar to Bennu and Phoenix. It contains core sections, plus sections tailored to each developer or person. For example, you’ll find sections named Caira, Griffin, Shepo, TA Streams, Thunder, Vahalla which I believe a sections maintain by certain individuals. I could be wrong on this, but these sections has their particular own content.

You just have to play around with BoB unleashed to get a handle of what type of content is found in where. Otherwise, it’s a commonly used all in on Kodi addon. Cool backgrounds and images used in the addon.

bob unleashed - menu
bob unleashed – menu
bob unleashed - caira
bob unleashed – caira
bob unleashed - valhalla
bob unleashed – valhalla

Stream Hub

streamhub - anime
streamhub – anime
streamhub - sports replay list
streamhub – sports replay list
streamhub - sports replay
streamhub – sports replay
streamhub -menu
streamhub -menu

GoodFellas 2.0

goodfellas -01goodfellas 02Bennu

Ever since the TVAddons lawsuit, phoenix disappeared from the Kodi third party addon family. However, we now have a new reincarnated Phoenix addon called Bennu like most other addons.

The menu system is slightly different this time around, but still holds true to the original Phoenix addon. You’ll see some familiar names such as Crusader88, Dr Stream, Horus and such.

BENNU KODI ADDONbennu - moviesbennu - movie sites



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