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If you’ve used social media in any way, you’ve likely run into or heard about Snapchat. The popular mobile app that allows you to send cool videos and pictures, both which will self destruct after seconds of the person viewing it.

It really is the most trending app around right now with other social media networks trying to duplicate their success.

Why is it so popular?

Plain and simple, its very very addicting. You can basically capture a photo or a little quick 10 second video, add one of the many cool captions or filters, doodle the crap out of it, send that badboy off to your friend.

Give them a good laugh! Its memorable… addicting… just awesome lol.

What if you wanted to keep some of these snaps?

Well luckily you stumbled onto this page because we will show you some of the best recommended Snapchat savers for your android device for 2017!


Top Best Snapchat Savers For Android 2017


At no cost at all, you can download SaveMySnaps and reap all the cool benefits. With just a few taps, you can easily save your awesome Snapchat pictures, stories and short videos. Save them from disappearing off your Snapchat and phone completely!

So what other cool benefits?

SaveMySnaps for Snapchat provides additional cool filters and drawing effects you could apply to your photos. You can easily import them from your gallery or saved snaps and perform all the cool functions.

Some other features are applying custom fonts and group sending photos too! With this being free, packed with all these goodies, why not download this Snapchat Saver APK!


 SaveMySnaps-1  SaveMySnaps-2

Download SaveMySnaps


This is another Snapchat Saver APK created from the same developers of SaveMySnaps. They do have similar features as the SaveMySnaps such as saving your Snapchat pictures and videos. You can also add filters, group send photos, add custom fonts to you pictures.

The Casper application allows you to use geo-filters, which is great for professional photos or changing the tones of the photos.

Casper-Snapchat - Best Snapchat Savers for Android

Download Casper


Snapsave is another Snapchat saver but it does require a monthly fee of $5.00 to use this service. You can save your Snapchat pictures, stories, and short videos.

It isn’t available in the Google Play Store, so you will need to download this Snapchat Saver APK.

Download Snapsave


Snapcrack isn’t exactly made for Android, more specifically for Apple IPhone users. However, you can still use this Snapcrack program by using an iOS emulator made to run on Android phones. With emulators, nothing is really guaranteed.

However, if this is a program you want to use for your Snapchat saving then give it a shot!

snapcrack - Snapchat Saver APK Download Snapcrack

Final Thoughts

The best Snapchat Saver APK you should try out first would have to be SaveMySnaps and Casper. It’s both a free program, jammed packed with some cool features that you could do with your Snapchat pictures, stories and short videos.

The other ones are worth a shot if you don’t feel satisfied with the two Snapchat savers. Otherwise, these are the best Snapsavers you can install for Snapchat and Android.

Happy Snapchatting!

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