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Are you experience buffering issues with all your streaming content on Kodi? Well, we may have a quick solution for you here on fixing this common problem.

It has a lot to do the the advancedsettings.xml file, as this file tells Kodi how much specified memory to use from your device and how much to cache the file being viewed. Meaning, if you are going to watch a movie, TV show, sports or any streaming content. Then it will download enough in advance of the stream if the source and your internet speed is sending and receiving fast enough.

In most cases, this would eliminate most buffering issues. Thus, a buffer free Kodi.

In this guide, we’ll show you a quick way of automatically adjusting your advancesettings.xml without any complicated editing or adjustments to figure out. It can all be done within your Kodi program.

We’ll be using the Ares Wizard, which detects both your device and internet connection and adjust it accordingly with the best optimal settings. However, you can adjust the settings to whatever you feel comfortable with if there still is any buffering issues.

Adjusting your advancesettings.xml

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