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Best HD Video Add-ons For Kodi 2017

In this day in age, technology has drastically improved over the last decade, especially in the video industry. From the early days of video tapes...

The Covenant Kodi Add-on: Replacing Exodus

The Covenant  The Convenant add-on is the newest addition to the Kodi streaming community, offering us the closest replacement for popular Exodus. Like every Kodi...
How-to-watch-Amazon-Prime-Instant-Video- on kodi

Install Amazon Prime Instant Video On Kodi

With Kodi being so popular with its ability to add add-ons, we are finally able to install an add-on specifically for Amazon Prime Instant...

Installation of Flixnet on Kodi Krypton 17+

With the name Flixnet for the add-on, you might think that it's emulating Netflix in some type of way. By the logo as well,...
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Real Movies: Ultimate Movies Add-on for 3D, 4K, Boxsets and More!

The Real Movies Kodi add-on is fully packed with vast amounts of movies to stream. You'll find the sections broken down like this: HD-Movies ...
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Silent Hunter: Nice Small 4K All-in-One Kodi Add-on

The Silent Hunter is a small all-in-one type of Kodi add-on with movies, comedy, 4k, boxsets and sections for Planet Earth and The Grand...
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Installing XXX Adult 23 Add-on pack With Ares Wizard

(Updated 8/13/2017) Updated Ares Wizard URL If you already have a build installed without any adult content and want to add some quickly? Well, check...

How to install Dramanice Kodi Video Add-on

The Dramanice is an awesome kodi add-on where you can watch all your favorite Asian movies and dramas. Of course, the best feature about...
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Top 7 Movies and TV Show Addons for Kodi – March 2017

In this article, we'll be showing you the 7 best movie and TV show addons you can install on your Kodi streaming software. Obviously, you want...
Uk turklist

UK Turklist – Ultimate Kodi Content Playlist for Everything

Massive amount of Kodi streaming content UK Turklist is without a doubt a must have addon for your streaming needs. It has a massive amount...

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Top 5 Kodi XXX Adult Builds for Kodi Krypton 17

(UPDATED 8/29/2017)  Added additonal add-ons for individual installation Top 5 Best Kodi XXX Adult Builds In this awesome adult Kodi XXX list, we want to show you...