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Krypton 17 Build Skin

If you’ve been around since Kodi Jarvis 16.1 then you may have notice that the majority of the builds made for Krypton 17 still uses the Xonfluence/Aeon Flux theme format.

The skin format or design has a horizontal menu bar near the middle or slightly below the middle of the screen. The menu is scroll-able from left to right with options you can select from. With some builds, you’ll notice that there are widgets either on top or bottom of the horizontal menu.

Here is the screenshot of what Kodi Krypton Builds look like with the Xonfluence/Aeon Flux Skin

Aeon Flux SkinHere is a screenshot of the default Krypton Estuary Skin

Kodi-17-Estuary Skin
Kodi-17-Estuary Skin

Why did these builds keep the Jarvis 16.1 theme format with the new Krypton 17?

Good question…these are just my own guesses as to why

  • Estuary kin is probably harder to augment or modify
  • Easier modification of the menu
  • People are just used the Xonfluence/Aeon Nox Theme
  • Better overall experience than the new standard Krypton skin (Estuary)

Changing Krypton Build Skin to The Estuary Skin

Most of the tutorials found on this website is geared toward Krypton 17 and above. You may notice that the directions may be a little off if you have a Aeon Flux theme (old Jarvis 16.1) on your Kodi Krypton.

You can completely or temporary change your build skin back to the default Krypton Estuary for whatever reason it may be. Either to follow a tutorial, or maybe you actually like the default Krypton Estuary skin.

Here are the steps below to do so.

  • At your Kodi Build (Krypton 17 and above with Xonfluence/Aeon Flux skin) Home screen
  • Select System
    Jarvis 01 - System
  • Select Interface
    Jarvis 02 - Interface
  • Hover over skin on left menu, select skin on the right side
    Jarvis 03 - Skin
  • Select Estuary Skin
  • jarvis 04 - Estuary Option
    Aeon Flux Theme – Estuary Option

    Changing Your Skin back to Krypton Estuary to Build

  • At your Kodi home screen
  • Select Settings [Cog Icon] Settings
  • Select Interface Settings
  • Hover on skin, select skin on right side
  • Select Xonfluence or Aeon Nox
    jarvis 04 - Estuary Option
    Xonfluence/Aeon Flux


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