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Coke and Popcorn 

What a terrible end this is for the famous Cokeandpopcorn movie streaming site. It really had all the best quality movies and TV shows you could find and so much more.

It was just an AWESOME site that had been around for several years and ran smoothly without a hitch.

The Coke and popcorn streaming site was found on domains such and and finally they posted the news that they were voluntarily shutting down the site. There wasn’t any particular reason as to why it did shut down but we can safely assume that it may of been pressure from media companies and/or anti-piracy campaigns.

It seems like an inevitable path for sites like these that provide access to questionable streams.

Whatever the reason could be, the cokeandpopcorn site will be missed along with other similar sites like They did however, suggest that all cokeandpopcorn’s audience start using Netflix as their primary streaming source.

Sounds a bit fishy for cokeandpopcorn to be suggesting that in my opinion. Anyways, there are other alternatives you can use besides cokeandpopcorn and we’ll list them below.

Alternatives to Coke and Popcorn


Popcornflix is the best choice for streaming free movies and TV shows. The site lays out major movie categories in the center of the page. Slightly below the fold, you’ll find sections such as new arrivals, pop picks, foreign films, asian films and many other related options.

It’s a solid site that offers you great content. Be sure to check out this option.

porncornflix - cokeandpopcorn alternative
popcornflix #1

porncornflix 02 - cokeandpopcorn alternativeSolar Movies

Solar Movies is a great contender when compared to cokeandpopcorn. It’s got an awesome easy to navigate website. As you enter, you have a simple organized menu on top and below the fold, listing tons of available movies you could stream. The choices are endless and if you didn’t want to look through all those titles.

You could also search for the title if you know what you have in mind. Overall, a great choice as an alternative to website –  Alternative #1


Vumoo is a pretty site and looks completely professionally solid with a well designed interface. For some reason, this design reminds of Hulu but an older design. Anyways, find movies is a breeze because you can easily scroll through beautiful covers of each movie or TV show titles. It even has a nice surrounding design around the streaming content, quite pleasing to the eye.

A great alternative to cokeandpopcorn and well worth the visit, and possibly a permanent bookmark!

vumoo - cokeandpopcorn
Vumoo – Alternative #2


The website is our third contender, giving you access to tons of video online content with 15 pages to scroll through. It may not look as pretty as the other two, but its surely not ugly. You can still easily scroll through their large index of streaming content, select a movie and start streaming.

Niter is a great alternative or supplement site. Without a doubt, another great contender to cokeandpopcorn movie site.

niter movies - cokeandpopcorn
Niter – Alternative #3


Final Thoughts

These are the best contenders compare to coke and popcorn movies streaming site

  • Popcornflix
  • Solarmovie
  • Vumoo
  • Niter

They offer pretty much everything that cokeandpopcorn offered and possibly even more. Each site has their own personality and its ultimately up to you when choosing your new movie streaming site. If you don’t want to use just one, you can use all 3 options because you can!

Anyways, now you know the best 3 streaming alternatives to coke and popcorn movies

Enjoy watching your movies and TV shows!

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