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Welcome to the complete guide to Jailbreaking your Amazon Fire Stick. Here you will find step by step instructions on everything related to unlocking the potential of your Amazon Fire Stick.

So what is all this hype about a Jailbroken fire stick and can it really access free content?

A Jailbroken Fire Stick a term thrown around very loosely, giving an impression that you have to hack this device illegally to access content.

You are actually not rooting, hacking, altering anything illegally with your Amazon Fire stick, but simply just side-loading third party software onto your device that allows you to stream content already found online.
Jailbreaking amazon fire stick

So what are these third party software?

The most popular one is Kodi, which is actually just a media player. What makes this media player so special is that there are third party developers who create addons for it. These addons, in turn allow access to free content found online.

Some other runner ups are Mobdro and Showbox. Mobdro is great for Live TV and Showbox for movies and TV shows

The installation process has become much easier now and can be done without a computer. You just you need your device plugged in and the readiness to follow directions.

However, we will be covering 3 methods on how to jailbreak (side-load) your Amazon Fire Stick.


Lets get started!

Quick Overview Process.
1. Enabling Installing Applications From Unknown Sources
2. Downloading ES Explorer
3. Downloading/Installing latest version of Kodi (Krypton 17.0)
4. Install complete builds or addons individually

Product Required

You do need an Amazon Fire Stick device to follow this tutorial and if you don’t already have one. You can purchase it directly by an Amazon Fire stick by clicking here, or you can select from the box below if you wanted another device among the Amazon Fire family.

Method 1 – ES Explorer (No PC Needed)

Enabling Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources

  1. At your Amazon Home screen
  2. Scroll to Settings > Device 
  3. Select Developer options
  4. Click on Apps from Unknown Sources
  5. Click Turn On

Downloading ES Explorer

You can normally find this somewhere on your amazon home screen, select it and download it. However, if you can’t, follow the steps below

  1. At your Amazon home screen
  2. Scroll to Apps > Categories > Utility
  3. Select ES File Explorer (Blue folder with the letters ES)

How to jailbreak your Amazon Fire Stick with ES explorer
Downloading Latest Kodi APK file (Kodi Krypton 17.0)

Kodi is a media player originally created for the XBOX and it now used universally for media files. We want to install this stock version onto your Amazon Fire Stick.

  1. Open ES Explorer.
  2. Click on +New (bottom of the screen)
  3. Click on Path, type in:, click ok
  4. You will see page with files, select
  5. Download and then select Install

Method 2 – ADBLINK (PC required)

This method will require a PC or laptop in order to follow, but its my prefer method of installing multiple android applications in one shot, especially if you wanted to sideload Mobdro and Showbox.

Watch the video right below or you can follow the written steps as well.

Download and Install ADBLINK

  1. Visit
  2. Head over to the download section
  3. Open downoaded file and install ADBLINK

Download the APK Files

We are going to need to download the latest version of Kodi 17.0 Krypton from and if you wanted to. You can also download Mobdro and Showbox if you wanted to sideload these android applications as well.

  1. Go to, head to the download section
  2. Select under android, ARM, this will download the APK file needed

Download Mobdro –
Download Showbox

Connect Your Firestick to PC via ADBLINK

There are actually two ways of connecting your Amazon Fire Stick to your PC via the ADBLINK. First way is to connect by using your Firestick IP address and the second way is to directly connect the USB wire from your PC USB to the Firestick itself. The direct USB connection will power on the Firestick, so no need for an adapter.

**Note – PC and Amazon Fire Stick will need to be connect to the same Wi-fi network

Connect using Firestick IP address:

  1. At your Amazon home screen
  2. Scroll to Settings > Device > about > Locate your IP Address

adb link fire stick ip address

  1. Now Open ADBLINK
  2. Click New
  3. In the Description Box, enter any name that
  4. Address: Enter your firestick IP address from earlier
  5. Click Save


  1. Make sure you are connected under devices

Connect using direct USB connection:

  1. Connect your USB wire from PC to Firestick, the direct connection from your PC should power your firestick
  2. Open ADBLINK
  3. Under connected device, select your device ID (random numbers)
    adb firestick connected devices
  4. In the new prompt box in description, enter any name
  5. Now you should be connected to your Device

After you have your device connected

  1. Select Install APK
  2. Find your downloaded Kodi 17.0 Krypton APK file
  3. It should start installing.


Method 3 – AFTV Downloader (No PC Required)

This method is very similar to method one with use of ES Explorer. However, this is a much more quicker and convenient way of downloading and installing your Jailbroken android applications.

I also recommend this method if you want to do all this without a PC/MAC.

Check out the guide on using the AFTV Downloader to Jailbreak your Firestick

Method 4 – Cetus Play App

Installing Complete Builds or Individually Addons

A. Installing a Complete Build

If you want a quicker way to get everything fully packaged with all the popular addons, you may want to install a pre-packaged build. A build is just a custom design package created by a user with their interface designs and addons pre-installed.

B. Installing Individual Addons

This step in the last and final step, where we will install individual addons one by one depending on the functions you want. There are tons of different ones to choose from ranging from movies, tv shows, sports, fitness, kids, adult and much more.

Also, you can download and install the Indigo Installer from TVaddons or Wizards, which will give you access to builds and the ability install individual addons quickly

Additional Android Programs to Install

Mobdro and Showtime are additional android programs you can install onto your Amazon Fire Stick to complement your Kodi program. Mobdro is a live TV application giving you access to live channel streams of networks, news, sports, kids and more. Showtime offers Movies and TV shows.



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