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YouTube is an enormous video platform Youtube to wav sharing millions of videos over the net.

It really comes to no surprise when users are constantly going online just to view their favorite YouTuber, influencer, music, funny videos, DIY videos, how-to videos because there is just a tremendous amount of visual and audio content to scour through.

It’s simply mind blowing and very addicting.

With over 400 hours of video per minute being uploaded, you’ll never feel short of content as you have many video creators reaching into so many different niches. You will find what you were looking for on YouTube.

So now that you have you’re favorite YouTube video(s), you’re probably at a point where you want to download it and either listen to it later. This could either be a a music video, news, instructional video or maybe Yoga music. Whatever it may be, you can easily convert your YouTube into a Wav (audio format)

Here in this tutorial, we’ll show you the best software and methods to download and covert your YouTube video into a Wav format, so that you can have an audio version of it.

Cool, right?

Best YouTube to Wav Converter

Xy Downloader

We highly recommend XY Downloader because of several useful and awesome functions. Firstly, the XY downloader actually allows you to download your YouTube video for free onto your computer and then later convert your file into Wav format.

Your’re not only limited to converting your YouTube video to Wav, it can also convert them into MP4, MVK, MOV and other known digital formats, along with adjusting your bitrate at the same time. This program does many things and it does them well with easy to use interface.

Converting is made easy! The only downfall about this program is that you can’t convert to an AAC Format.

So if you want an ultimate YouTube to wav or into whatever format then XY Downloader is the only tool you’ll need~!

iTube Studio

iTube is another great program, very similar to functions to the XY downloader, maybe even more. You can download your YouTube video for free, later convert the file to Wav or convert the YouTube video on the fly. You can download multiple videos (batch download) at the same time either from the playlist or selecting them manually. Faster download speeds, upward of 3x normal speeds and comes with a players plugin.

You can also convert ebooks and documents from iTube Studio.

Lets bullet point some of the features

  • Download Audio, Video, YouTube Videos
  • Download in HD quality
  • Batch Downloads
  • Player Plugin
  • Faster downloads (3x Speed)
  • Easy to use, one click functions

(Available for both MAC and PC)



DocsPal allows you to convert your files online for free and supports many other kinds of documents such as video, audio, images, e-books and so much more. The only thing about this is that you can’t download the YouTube video to your pc, but it can convert on the fly by entering a URL.

The Interface seems simply enough. You either upload or enter the video URL, select the desired format (Wav), enter en email address and it will carry on with the conversion.

Once finish you’ll receive it via e-mail.

Easy and Simple

Docspal- YouTube to Wav and other formats
Docspal- YouTube to Wav and other formats

Online Converter

There really is no need to download and install a video converting software when you can access a file convert online. Online Convert supports many formats such as WAV, WMA, WMV, MVK, AVI, FLV and is accessible for free.

Its not limited to only converting audio files but you can convert videos, images, pdf and other possible conversions.

The only con about this free online tool is that the conversion is normally slow and may not output the best quality. However, you should still try it out and see if its the right fit.

Bender Converter

The Bender Convert can convert audio and video files into mp3, AVI, FLV, iPod, iPhone, Ipad and other popular formats. Its a free online converting tool and converts very well.

You will be need to download your YouTube video beforehand as it only has an upload feature. There is no on the fly conversion which is the only downfall of the Bender Converter. Otherwise, its another great online tool for converting your files for free.

Bender Converter – YouTube to Wav

Online Video Converter

Another useful online convert, it can convert YouTube into several formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, WMV or many more. Pretty simply, you plug in the YouTube URL, select a format either under audio or video then hit start for the conversion to begin.

You’ll receive a download link and BAM your done.

online video converter
Online Video Converter

It doesn’t exactly convert to a wav file but instead an mp3 file. It does a simple job which is converting your YouTube into an audible mp3 file and it’s a free online tool. It’ll take about 3 to 4 minutes to convert and outputs the audio quality of at least 128 kBits/s.

Just paste the URL of the video into the URL box and just hit convert.

Simple as that!


Final Thoughts
(on the best YouTube To Wave Converters)

Hopefully in our list of methods to convert YouTube to Wav, you’ve found a tool worth using for all you other future video converting needs. We’ve listed programs you can install onto your computer and also online converting tools.

We’ll bullet point these into categories.


  • XYDownloader
  • iTube Studio

Online Converting tools

  • Docspal
  • Online Converter
  • Bender Converter
  • YouTube-mp3
  • Online Video Converter
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