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Failed to Install a Dependency

If you’re getting a “Failed to Install a Dependency” error in Kodi. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in dealing with this frustrating error.

Most of the time, you may just have broken and inactive repositories that no longer work, much like the Fusion repository due to TVAddons shutting down.

Just no longer works….

Majority of the problem can be resolved by simply performing a fresh installation of Kodi and then whatever build or add-on you want to install.

Of course, that’s not a possible scenario if you wanted to keep your current setup.

So, lets go through the process and determine ways to resolve it.

Checking your Kodi Error Log File

Whenever there is an issue or an error, its usually logged within your Kodi Log file (kodi.log), which is a very useful tool in diagnosing the actual issue.

The kodi.log file is located in the “temp” folder in your userdata folder or you can view it within Kodi using several methods found in this article.

Once you found a way to view your Kodi log file, you want to look for the error line “failed to install dependency” and you should be able to see a line above or under it, providing the actual cause.

URL Resolver Add-on, Dependency Error

If it happens to state URL Resolver anywhere in the surrounding lines, then the issue lies with the URL resolver add-on.

Majority of Kodi users have the TVAddon’s Fusion repository installed since that was the most popular and commonly used repository around. URL Resolver was hosted on the Fusion repository and it obviously stopped working the same time TVAddons shut down.

Makes sense…

So a lot of add-on that weren’t updating or couldn’t be installed was because of URL Resolver.

Url Resolver is very commonly used with almost of the popular known add-ons out there.

So, how do I fix it?

Disabling Broken, Non-working Repositories

When getting the “Failed to Install Dependency” error, you can fix it by disabling old repositories that no longer work, especially if you have the TVAddon’s Fusion.

Once all old broken repositories are disabled, it will start to use working repositories instead.

Manually Installing URL Resolver

If disabling old repositories doesn’t resolve the issue. You can manually install URL resolver.

  • You must download the URL Resolver Zip file
  • Remember the download location for the next step
  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Add-ons
  • Select Add-on Browser (Unpackage Box Icon, top left corner)
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Browse to the location of the URL Resolver zip file
  • Select
  • Once installed, you shouldn’t have a problem installing the add-ons again.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the information helped you resolving that error, “Failed to install Dependency” and if you didn’t. You can comment below about any additional problems you may have.

So far in this article you’ve learn that

  • TVAddons shut down, along with the Fusion repository that almost every has.
  • Failed to install dependency error most likely caused by old broken repositories
  • How to check your Kodi log file
  • Diagnosing Kodi issues
  • A way to install URL resolver





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