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Are you getting that annoying YouTube quota or data limit exceeded in Kodi?

You’re probably staring at the corner of your screen thinking 1 of 2 two questions… YouTube actually has a limit and/or I haven’t even used it that much, why am I getting this freaking error?

Apparently, with the all the videos being uploaded and watched every day, there actually is a cap placed by Google (which owns YouTube) for Kodi users. It’s based off the API usage and most Kodi users will have the same API in their settings because everyone may be using the developer’s API.

So, you’ll need to create and enter you own personal API keys to actually fix the API cap issue. A similar idea is like getting off a family plan of 4 members with 15-20 gig internet data, down to a single plan with the same amount of data, better right?

It’s quite a few steps to follow, but it’ll permanently fix that annoying issue!


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Steps to Fixing YouTube’s Quota/Data Limit Exceeded

Set up a Project In Google Cloud Console

  • Visit Google Cloud Platform
  • Click on “Project” (located on the top bar)
  • Click “Create Project”
  • Give the New Project a name, any name, then select Create.


Enable YouTube Data API

  • Now, we need to enable YouTube Data API
  • Select the menu button (3 horizontal bar, left upper corner)
  • Select API Manager
  • Select Library
  • Select YouTube Data API
  • Select Enable

Creating API Key, Credential Stuff

  • On the left side menu, select Credentials
  • on the right page, select Create credentials -> API Key
  • A window will popup with a 39 character string of numbers and letters, copy and paste it somewhere (notepad), label it API key for later
  • Select Create credentials again -> OAuth Client ID
  • Select Configure consent screen on the right
  • Under “Product name shown to users” type Kodi (whatever you want), Select Save
  • Select Other under “Application type”

Click “Create” and you’ll be given two new keys: a “client ID”, a 45-character string of numbers and letters followed by “”. Copy this to your reference document, removing “” and labeling the key “Client ID” for reference.

You’ll also get a “Client Secret”, which is a 24-character string of letters and numbers. Copy this to you document, labeling it “Client Secret” for reference.

Paste Key Information into YouTube

  • Open up YouTube in Kodi
  • Sign In (You may need to active Youtube)
  • Go to, enter the code given.
  • After that, select settings -> API -> Select Enable Personal API Keys
  • Enter all the keys we made earlier
  • WABAM, finito

This pretty much wraps it up. You shouldn’t get the YouTube quota/data limit anymore!



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