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This is probably the most common used theme for Kodi Krypton 17. It resembles very much the old Kodi Jarvis 16.1 with its sleek horizontal menu and background.

With the new Krypton 17 skin, Estuary, its completely different from its previous versions with a menu that resides on the left side of the interface.

Kodi Krypton - Estuary Skin
Kodi Krypton – Estuary Skin

It seems the Jarvis 16.1 interface was and still is the most popular theme to choose from when modifying a Kodi skin, which is why we created a tutorial on how to install the AEON Nox Skin.

Here is a screenshot of the Aeon Nox Skin:

Aeon Nox - Kodi Skin
Aeon Nox – Kodi 

Well, now that we know the differences between Kodi Jarvis 16.1 and Krypton 17.

Lets find out how to install this Aeon Nox Skin on your Kodi media player.

Installation of Aeon Nox Skin on Kodi Krypton 17

1. Select Settings [Icon]

Aeon Nox Skin - Step 1
Select Settings

2. Select Interface

Aeon Nox Skin - Step 2
Select Interface

3. Select Skin

Aeon Nox Skin - Step 3
Select Skin

4. Select Get More….

Select Get More

5. Select Aeon Nox (Aeon Nox 5: Redux)

Select Aeon Nox: Redox
Select Aeon Nox: Redox


7. Enjoy your new Aeon Nox Skin!


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