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How to Install IPVanish VPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

A few months back, you would of needed to side-load IPVanish’s VPN application in order to use the service.

Fortunately, IPVanish has managed to create their own accessible and downloadable application within the Amazon Fire apps store, making it much easier to install. You would simply go to the correct Apps category, utility, and you will find IPVanish application listed right near the top.

Pretty easy right?

Well, we created a guide just in case you need some visual assistance. Right below, we’ll provide you with a short video instruction and screenshot steps to help get you going.

If you haven’t already created an account with IPVanish, you can use the link below to sign up.

Also check out our VPN guide section if you need more information

  • At your Amazon Home screen, scroll to Apps -> Categories
Ipvanish-firestick-kodi-step01- apps-categories
Apps -> Categories
  • Select Utility
  • Select IPVanish from Utilities section

  • Select Download
IPVanish – Download
  • Select Open
IPVanish – Open
  • Enter your Login Information. Username is usually your e-mail address and the password is whatever you set it to.
IPVanish – Login
  • This is the IPVanish interface right when you login. On the left side corner, it will show your current IP address and location.
  • Below you can select your country, city, and server. This is where you can set your location and IP address to whatever you choose. For example, under Country, you can select Australia and you will get an Austrialia location and IP as your new masked identity.
  • If you just want the best available servers nearest you to connect, just leave everything as it and connect.
IPVanish – Interface
  • Here a the list of Countries available to choose from
Ipvanish-firestick-kodi-step08-country selection
IPVanish – Country
  • This is a list of of available US locations
IPVanish – Server List

There you have it! You now have the IPVanish VPN installed onto your Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can stream content online privately, securely and anonymously through this service, which is highly recommended nowadays with all the heat around Kodi and it’s non-associated third party add-ons.


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