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How to Install IPVanish VPN on Windows Platform

In this guide, we’ll show you how to install the IPVanish VPN program onto your windows operating system.

The process is relatively easy with only a few steps. You will need an account with IPVanish for this to work and if you don’t already have one. You can sign up here with IPVanish.

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You will need to download the VPN software that IPVanish has in order to use the VPN. The page where you can directly download the software is here at or you can use the link button below as well.

After downloading the software, please follow the steps below to proceed.

IPVanish – Windows –

Step 1: Download the IPVanish Installer

In this step, you will need to download the program installer onto your Windows PC from IPVanish’s website at

IPVANISH - Windows Installation 01

Step2: Open IPVanish Installer

Once downloaded, you can now open to initiate the installation process with the file you downloaded. Follow the steps below.

IPVANISH - Windows Installation 02IPVANISH - Windows Installation 04IPVANISH - Windows Installation 05IPVANISH - Windows Installation 06IPVANISH - Windows Installation 07IPVANISH - Windows Installation 08
Finally once you reach this part, you will want to restart your PC to complete the installation. Once your computer has fully restarted, go ahead and open up IPVanish.

How to Use IPVanish on Windows-PC

You can now open IPVanish either through your program list, desktop shortcut, or you can search for it.

Once open, you’ll see a screen just like this:

IPVANISH - Windows - How to use - Sign In
IPVANISH – Windows – How to use – Sign In

Enter you credentials such as your username and password. You can also check mark “Remember me” if you wish to have you information saved.

Select Login, then you’ll see a screen similar to this below.

IPVANISH - Windows - How to use - Select Connect

Go ahead and select connect and if you don’t have TAP device installed, you can go ahead and do so now.

IPVANISH - Windows - How to use - Installation of TAP Device

 In the screenshot below, you can see that I am now connected to one of IPVanish’s VPN servers. This one in particular, I am connect to the Atlanta location with an IP address. IPVANISH - Windows - How to use - CONNECTED VPNYou can test your location by searching what is my ip in and use any of those listed webpages.

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