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If you already figured out how to install Kodi on your device or the popular method of Jailbreaking your Amazon Fire Stick then you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What’s Next?”.

Kodi just looks like a regular media player with nothing there except a blue bubbly wallpaper.


Well, the next step is to install add-ons onto your Kodi streaming device that allows you to access content found online. This could be a movie, TV show or sports related add-on and there are tons of them that you can install.

You can think of add-ons as applications (Apps) from the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore. Each add-on is tailored to the developers intent with purpose to providing a function.

Well, that sounds easy but how and where do we find these add-ons is probably your next question.

You can either simply install a packaged build from a developer or install particular add-ons, which is completely up to you. Most people normally install a Kodi build because it’s much easier to install and everything comes pre-configured with a custom menu, wallpapers and all the add-ons picked out from the developer of the build.

However, most add-ons are useless to most users which makes it feel like clutter when installing someones build. Of course, everything is up to preference.

In the guide below, we’ll show you a few methods of installing add-ons onto your device.

Keep your activity anonymous and secured (Highly recommended for Kodi/Firestick Users)

We highly recommend using a VPN when streaming online content or torrenting files. By using a VPN, you can keep your streaming habits and anything else private by using IPVanish (Complete Privacy Solutions for Kodi/Firestick Users)

Why IPVanish?

With all the crazy news going on lately, it’s better to be safe than sorry by using a VPN when streaming any online content. This will keep your online streaming and data history private at all times like it should be.

Check out our VPN guide section for more information.

SuperRepo Respository

This is the largest addon repository for your Kodi streaming device, Jailbroken Fire Stick, or XBMC. It offers free access to over 2,000 addons for free and is probably your best source to getting an ultimate add-on list. You can install individual add-ons one at a time.


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Ares Wizard

The Ares Wizard has been around for quite a long time. Its a wizard that provides multiple functions like downloading and installing builds, add-on installations, maintenance tools and tweaks. The Ares Wizard has a smaller list of add-ons you can install but you’ll find nothing the best and most popular add-ons there.


Echo Wizard

The Echo Wizard is another awesome wizard. I am a bit biased toward this wizard as it has a lot of goodies and has improved a lot over the course of Kodi’s development. Just like the Ares Wizard, its a great tool that provides multiple functional uses but I feel as though this Echo Wizard does it better.

You’ll find a top list of builds, add-ons, and maintenance tools within this wizard. The screenshots below should give an ideal of what it looks like.


Wookie Wizard

wookie-wizard-youtubeThe Wookie is another good wizard with similarities to the Ares and Echo wizard. The one nice thing about this wizard is that it has add-on packs. So you could install several add-ons in one shot. For example, you can install Chinese or German Add-on pack and it will install addons related to it. You can also find some pretty awesome builds on here as well ranging from adults to kids. Definitely worth a check!


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