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The Titanium Build for Kodi Jarvis 16.1 seems to be the another popular and recommended build. Its got a nice dark and silver color tone to the build design, very much like the name of the build, Titanium.

It has a nice widget on the top of the Kodi screen for easy access to your content. The wallpapers look great as well.
titanium build for kodi jarvis titanium build for kodi jarvis titanium build for kodi jarvis titanium build for kodi jarvis

Whats great about this Kodi build is that its very well structured in the menu setup. Things are easy to find with addons in the right places. Like most builds, you’re going to find the core addons like Exodus, Sportsdevil, Pheonix and bunch of Livetv content.

The titanium build also has a nice Spanish section. There are very few builds that implement this into their menu setup. So, it’s definitely a nice addition if your into Spanish language content. It uses AdryanList and Cataol addon to as the core addon setup for Spanish.

titanium build for kodi jarvis

How to Install Titanium Build on Kodi Jarvis 16.1

Video Installation

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