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Droid Buddy 2: Source for all your cord cutting needs!

Droid Buddy is the most convenient application that you can install onto your android based device(s). Simply, because it allows you to download all the cord cutting software you’ll ever need with this program such as Kodi, SPMC, Showbox, Terrarium, TeaTV and so much more.


You basically just need to side-load or download Droid Buddy 2 onto your device and install it, that’s pretty much it. You’ll have access to downloadable cord cutting files with only a few clicks versus the old and non-convenient way of downloading-installing applications individually.

Droid Buddy does a great job of bringing everything together and credit should be well awarded for creating such an awesome software.

Opening Droid Buddy 2

There has been a huge improvement in terms of its interface from the very first version of Droid Buddy. Aesthetically, it looks much better with an even better formatted menu. The first version looked very dark and gloomy…. just ugly.

Once you open Droid Buddy, it’ll ask you choose a download location. What is normally recommended for the download location is:

External Storage -> Download


Droidbuddy Menu

As you can see from the screenshot, Droid Buddy 2 has a plain blue background with a logo on near the top. Below the logo, you’ll find the menu divided into 2 columns and 6 rows.

Here is the list of the menu

  • Help & Info
  • Movies and TV shows
  • Live TV & Sports
  • Kids
  • Music
  • Quite Droid Buddy
  • Kodi & SPMC
  • Custom Kodi & SPMC
  • Tools
  • VPN
  • Retro Zone
  • Settings
  • APP Launcher
  • App Manager
  • Not in Use

The most useful things about Droid Buddy is the Movies & TV Shows, Live TV, Kodi & SPMC, Custom Kodi, Retro Zone and a tools section.

You can easily install the current and previous versions of Kodi & SPMC. You can find popular applications like Showbox, Terrarium, TeaTV and Cinebox. There is also a retrozone for gaming emulators, kids and music section, and even VPN applications.

Cool stuff.

So how do I download and Install this? Unfortunately, this will only work for Android products as most of the applications are meant for Androids


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Installation of Droid Buddy 2


If you have an android product with a browser, you can easily just go to and download the Droid Buddy APK. Thereafter, you’ll just need to open and install it.

Amazon Fire Stick (Downloader Method)

You must first have Apps from Unknown Sources Enabled:

  • At your Amazon home screen
  • Scroll to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options -> Apps from Unknown Source (Turn it on)

Use Downloader app to Downoad and instlal Droid Buddy 2

  • At your Amazon home screen
  • Scroll to Apps -> Categories -> Utility -> Downloader
  • Open Downloader, scroll to the left and select Browser
  • Enter in the url section
  • Scroll until you see the download link for Droid Buddy 2, select it.
  • Once it finished downloading, install the file.







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