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Install Kodi onto Roku

Kodi has seriously become an entertainment powerhouse since you can find tremendous amounts of content in almost every category through third party addons. Categories where you could literally look up millions of movies and TV shows, sports, fitness, kids content to stream and pretty much anything else related.

Most users who own a small internet media streamer are often looking for ways to install Kodi and onto their mini streaming device such as the Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Chromecast just to name a few.

Majority of households own a Roku device because of the popularity, brand, the features they offer and the access to many paid subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu. However, with Kodi being so popular everywhere and owning a Roku at the same time. Questions like these pop up….

What about Kodi?
How the heck do I Install Kodi on Roku

That’s the problem…. you can’t!

So in this guide, we’ll show you how to find an alternative way to get Kodi on Roku using devices you already have.

Kodi On Roku - Screen Mirroring
Kodi On Roku – Screen Mirroring

Installing Kodi on Roku

So you now know that we can’t actually install Kodi onto Roku but we can still cast Kodi onto Roku using their screen mirroring option that’s available. The only requirement you would really need is another device where you can install Kodi and then mirror onto Roku. Such as…

Installing Kodi onto A Compatible Device

List of recommended devices to Install Kodi. You will be using this device to mirror onto Roku.

  • Windows PC/Mac
  • Android Phone
  • iOS

Please read our Ultimate Kodi Guide for help on installing Kodi onto compatible devices.

Activate Roku Screen Mirroring

Once you have Kodi installed onto your device that will be streaming/mirroring to Roku, you’ll need to activate the streaming option within Roku.

  • Press Home on your Roku remote
  • Select Settings
  • Select System Update (Confirm you’re up to date, at least version 5.2)

Kodi on Roku - System update

If your’re all updated, then

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Screen Mirroring
  • Select ‘Enable Screen Mirroring’
  • Press Ok

That’s pretty much it. You want to install Kodi onto another Kodi compatible device that has screen mirroring, activate screen mirroring on Roku itself, then cast Kodi to Roku.

Getting Kodi on Roku Using a Windows PC

So get Kodi installed onto your your Window PC using our Ultimate Kodi Guide. Follow these steps below to connect your Windows PC to Roku, then mirror it to Roku.

Make sure your Windows PC and Roku are on the same network.

  • On your Windows PC
  • Go to Start Menu
  • Search for ‘Device Settings’
  • Select Add Device
  • Select Roku (#)

You should see a completion message that the device was added. You can now cast from your PC to Roku (PC Kodi on Roku)

Getting Kodi on Roku Using a Android Phone/Tablet

In order for this to work, you need an Android device operating with at least Android 4.4.2 because it offers the ability to screen mirror.

You can check your Android version by going to

Settings > About Phone > Android Version (should be stated there)

Android phone - check version kodi on roku
Android phone – Check version

After you check your Android Version, we need to active screen mirroring option within your Android phone or tablet.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Display
  • Select Cast Screen
  • Select the menu on the top right
  • Check-mark Enable Wireless Display
  • Select Roku, it should now pair.

You should be able to see Roku show up onto the list. If it doesn’t just reopen the Cast Screen again. So whatever appears on your Android phone or tablet will now appear onto your Roku. This is the Android phone/tablet way of getting Kodi on Roku.






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