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Terrarium TV

Personally, I use the Terrarium TV program all the time since it’s really easy to use, provides reliable links, looks visually easy to navigate with its box layout and works 100% percent of the time.

I would compare the Terrarium TV to the popular Showbox program since they look and function pretty much the same. However, everyone has their preferences on what to use, so hopefully this little introduction and guide will give you a better idea of the program.


Terrarium TV - APK Menu
Terrarium TV – APK Menu

The Terrarium menu consist of TV Shows, Movies, Favorites then a little bit underneath. You’ll see a tools section with TV calendar and downloads.

The TV calendar section is definitely a cool feature because it shows you content related to today’s date. There is a download section for all your downloads, which is another cool feature. The Terrarium TV apk allows you to download whatever movie or TV show you want that’s listed and later find it your downloads section.


Terrarium TV - Layout

As you can see from the screenshot, you have a top menu on the top that provide you access to another menu, search function, favorites, etc.

Underneath, you’ll find rows filled with bunch of movies and TV shows into individual box style like covers. I particularly like how many titles appear in one row, which reduces the amount of scrolling you need to do.

With Showbox, you’ll probably have 2-3 titles in each row and becomes more frustrating when you’re trying to skim through the list. This is why I like the layout of the Terrarium better.

Once you select a movie or TV show title, you’ll see a some tabs called overview, season, and see also.

Terrarium TV - Overview
Terrarium TV – Overview
Terrarium TV - Seasons
Terrarium TV – Seasons

Under overview, it’ll provide you with the title, IMDB score rating, and other additional information about the title. If it’s a TV show, you’ll find that a season section that will list all available seasons. See also provides related titles that you might like.

Once you’ve selected your movie to TV episode you want to stream, you can easily pretty the play button or hold the button to provide you a list of stream-able sources. Similarly, this works just like Showbox, where you technically just need click once to play a title.

Notable Features

  • Subtitles – Easy access to subtitles on
  • Downloading – You can download and easily access it later


Terrarium Installation Guide for Fire TV Stick

There are a few ways you can install Terrarium APK onto your Amazon Fire TV stick. You may also need to download the MX player APK or use the VLC player in order to get the Terrarium program to work. Otherwise, you’ll have the Terrarium installed without a video player.

  • Install Via Droidbuddy 2.00
  • Install Using FireDL

Before starting this guide, be sure to have you ‘Apps from unknown sources checked on’!

Install Using DroidBuddy 2.00

This is probably the easiest and productive way of installing Terrarium TV. Simply because you’ll need to download Droidbuddy first, which is a program that will give you access to many other related programs aside from Terrarium.

You could seriously kill several birds with one stone with DroidBuddy

Once you have Droidbuddy installed. You just need to boot it up by going to

  • Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> DroidBuddy 2.00

Once you open Droidbuddy

  • Select Movies/TV Shows
  • Select Terrarium Version
  • Select Yes to download APK
  • Download will start (under 15mb file)
  • Download successful message, select ok
  • Terrarium APK will automatically open to install onto your device
  • Be sure to select install.
Terrarium TV - Droidbuddy -01
Select Movies-TV Shows
Terrarium TV - Droidbuddy -02
Select Terrarium TV
Terrarium TV - Droidbuddy -2A
Download Terrarium APK

Select Install to install Terrarium APKSelect Install to install Terrarium APK

Install Using FireDL

You will need to download the FireDL program from your Fire TV apps section. You can follow this guide here on how to find it on your Fire TV

FireDL - Apps -Categories - Utility
FireDL – Apps -Categories – Utility
FireDL - URL address bar
FireDL – URL address bar


  • Open FireDL
  • Select the URL address bar
  • Enter shortcode “667326” for Terrarium TV
  • Then a link will expand, then select next
  • Download will being and automatically open the APK so that you can install it.

Now you need to download MX player APK or easily download VLC player. We recommend using MX player.

  • Open FireDL
  • Select the URL address bar
  • Enter shortcode “300004” for MX Player
  • Then a link will expand, then select next
  • Download will being and automatically open the APK so that you can install it.



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