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There are many ways to sideload your Amazon Fire stick and in this tutorial, we’ll show you another alternative way of doing so.

In one of our articles called the Complete Guide to Jailbreaking Your Amazon Firestick, it shows you several ways of installing the Kodi android application, alongside other content related applications.

You’ll find out how to sideload using ADBFire or using the ES Explorer Method in that article. However, this process of using the AFTV Downloader has made the process so much easier. It’s very similar to the ES Explorer method, but this one is much much faster and more efficient.

So, how do you get this AFTV downloader?

Well, it’s actually listed on the Amazon Fire Stick App section under Categories -> Utility. So downloading and installing the AFTV downloader is really simple. Just open it and if you don’t have it installed, it will give you an option to install it.

aftv downloader 01This is a screenshot of the homepage of the downloader. You have a menu bar on the left hand side with browser, files, favorites, setttings. and help.

  • Browser – Lets you browse webpages
  • Files – Almost like file download folder
  • Favorites – Bookmarks of your webpages
  • Settings
  • Help

Jailbreaking Your Amazon Fire Stick With Downloader

So before we get started, we need to enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ which we allows us to install the APK (Android Applications) onto our device.

  • Amazon home screen, scroll to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options -> Enable this option

aftv downloader - enable uinknown sourcesNow lets, download AFTV Downloader

  • Amazon home screen, scroll to Apps -> Categories -> Utility -> Downloader -> Install

  • Once you have this AFTV Downloader downloaded and installed, open it.
  • You now want to select Browser on the left hand menu.
  • Select the URL web address in the browser and select it
  • A box should pop up
    Enter the new web address. then select GO

aftv downloader 01kodi url for aftv downloaderNow, the webpage should load and you should be on the webpage. We want to download the latest version of Kodi 17.1, Mobdro, Showbox and mouse toggle. Use the links provided on the webpage.

  • Download Kodi 17.1 Krypton
  • Mobdro
  • Showbox
  • Mouse Toggle

aftv downloader - install apk

You can install it after downloading or you can just hit done and install them later after you downloaded all 4 applications.

  • After downloading all 4 applications
  • Select Files on the left hand menu
  • Select each file, then install all 4 files individually.

aftv downloader - list of downloaded APKaftv downloader 01

Once you have installed all 4 applications. Kodi 17.1, Mobdro, Showbox and mouse toggle. You can locate these files by going to

Amazon home screen -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage App (Programs should be available here.

The last step here is to program Kodi with addons or install a build. Mobdro and Showbox should be ready to go.

In the video guide, it’ll show you how to install the Kodi No Limits build for the Amazon Firestick or how to install the TV Addons Config Wizard and Indigo Installer.


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