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Kickass Torrents

KickAssTorrents ( was seriously my favorite torrent site for downloading files. I loved how it was branded, the way it looked, how easy it was to find what I needed. KickAssTorrent had a real community, an awesome place to go to when it came down to torrenting files that worked without being bombarded with malware.

In my opinion, what made KickAssTorrent ( stand out from the rest of the torrent sites was

  • It had the latest and trending releases
  • Informative commenting system that gave feedback on the quality of the torrent (Very important, saved me from many headaches)
  • Easy to use
  • Working torrent files

Eventually, every good thing must come to an end which it did for Kickass Torrent on July 22th, 2016, when it was taken down by the police. The way it ended was interesting, since it all happened due to a minor slip up made from the owner of Kickass Torrents.

You can read all about it here.

MUST READ: Why Is KickAssTorrent Down?

Short story, owner was caught after making a payment online on the Apple Store, while still on his real IP address. FBI got a hold of his IP, tracked it back to Poland where he resided and was arrested. Poland handed him over to the US for copyright infringement and other criminal acts.

This is why we recommend using a VPN, whenever torrenting files as you never know who is tracking and watching these files being transferred on a peer to peer network.

So if you plan on continuing the torrent lifestyle, get a VPN! Secure your internet data, encrypt your traffic, hide your real IP and most importantly, stay safe!


Top 10 Alternatives to KickAssTorrents (,

Since KickAssTorrent is no more, we have some other alternatives you can use that may fill the void.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay - alternative
The Pirate Bay – KickAssTorrent ( Alternative

Originating back from 2003, The Pirate Bay is pretty much the OG of all BitTorrent sites. It’s a very popular site based in Sweden that indexes massive amounts of torrents and is now the most visited torrent site after the demise of KickAssTorrent.

So, The Pirate Bay may be the closest thing you’ll get to another KickAssTorrent site. The massive library, comment system and reliable downloads make this an awesome choice.

With every torrent you download, be sure to have a VPN.


ISOhunt - Kickasstorrent alternative
IsoHunt – KickAssTorrents ( Alternative

IsoHunt is another alternative closest to KickAssTorrents.  You’ll be happy to find that IsoHunt has a comparable library to KickAssTorrents and is one of the most visited torrent libraries around. IsoHunt allows you to sign up with them and become apart of their huge community through forum discussions and more!


Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound - Kickasstorrent alternative
Torrent Hound – KickAssTorrents ( Alternative

Torrent Hound is the least popular out of other BitTorrent sites like The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt and (now closed down). However, you’ll be happy to know that Torrent Hound is great for looking for movies and TV shows.

It even has it’s own BitTorrent client that help secure users while actively downloading their torrent.


YTS.AG - kickasstorrent alternative
YTS.AG – KickAssTorrents ( Alternative

The YTS.AG is not exactly a BitTorrent site that covers all files. It’s geared more toward movies and TV shows that you can download and find in different qualities such as 720p, 1080p, and 3D.

You’ll only find YTS movie torrents here and nothing else. However, we highly recommend using a VPN whenever downloading torrents from YTS.AG.

This website also has over 6,300 titles you can choose from, making this an awesome KickAssTorrent alternative in regards to movies and TV shows.



limetorrents - kickasstorrent alternative – KickAssTorrents ( Alternative

Limetorrent would be considered a middleman as it pulls torrents that are hosted from other sites. It’s a huge catalog but none of the torrents are hosted by limetorrent. They also have no community at all if that is something you’re looking for.

Otherwise, it’s a great alternative to KickAssTorrents.


KickAssTorrent Clones

An awesome clone of KickAssTorrents, you can find a comprehensive list of torrents. You can now download movies, TV shows, music, games, application, anime and books. The interface and design looks exactly the same.


Pretty much the same as above except you’re presented with a search query page. You can easily switch back to the full page by hitting “SWITCH TO FULL PAGE” on the top left corner.


kickasss.cdSame format as You’ll find the same massive library.




This one is another clone but with different redesigned logo of KickAssTorrents. Looks cool, but it doesn’t function as well as the the other clones listed above. So this site sits at last place due to functionality. However, it does work fine with certain areas of the website.



List of KickAss Torrents Past URL:


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