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Psiphon Handler APKIf you live in apart of the world where your internet is limited due to censorship and blocking of content then Psiphon may be an answer that that problem.

After all, the internet is suppose to be a place where we can connect and share with one another without limitations or restrictions.

Free yourself from from it!

Firstly, what is Psiphon?

Well, it’s a circumvention tool that basically uses VPN, SSH and HTTP technology that allows you to access uncensored content that was otherwise blocked or not normally available through your ISP.

Basically, this tool was designed purposely to minimize your limitation and provide you open complete access to the internet. However,  Psiphon was not designed to increase your online privacy or as a security tool if that was something you needed.

You may need to look for an alternative that offers security and privacy.

So lets sum it up and bullet point the features of Psiphon

  • Surf Public Wi-fi securely
  • Unlimited data/speed
  • Allows complete free access to the internet by maximizing your chances to bypass censorship Image result for psiphon

Image result for psiphon

Download Psiphon Handler APK 

File Details

  • Package name: Psiphon Handler v.108
  • Size: 5.17 MB
  • Operating System: Android
Psiphon HandlerLink 1


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