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Reset Windows Password in One Click With UUkeys

If you a cautious person then certainly you will protect your Windows computer with a lock screen password to keep any unwanted activities or strangers away from your personal PC. However, you will be surprised to know that more than a million users forget their password per year and lock themselves out. Well, first of all let us inform you that it is indeed possible to recover or reset forgotten Windows password even if you don’t remember it.

If you are using Windows 8/10 and selected Microsoft account as your default account type, then certainly you can reset your Microsoft account password to retrieve your computer password. On the other hand, if you are a wise guy then you must have created a password reset disk that you can use to reset the password of your PC without any problem. However, most people use local or administrator accounts and 99 out of 100 people don’t even bother to create a password reset disk.

So, the best way to reset Windows computer password is to use an efficient third party program like UUkeys Windows Password Mate. The main aim of UUkeys Windows Password Mate is to remove the password from your computer by simply removing the login screen from your system. It works flawlessly with all types of account like local, Microsoft and administrator accounts. The recent version of UUkeys Windows Password Mate even works with root and domain controllers.

Why UUkeys Windows Password Mate Counts?

UUkeys Windows Password Mate has the ability to find the registry entry files responsible to lock your computer and completely destroy it by manipulating the computer sub system files. Do not worry, it won’t really damage any file on your computer and you will be using your computer just like you did before you forgot the password.

Additionally, it helps to create a password reset disk in 2 ways with USB pen drive and CD/DVD. You can use the password reset disk to unlock any Windows computer as many times as you like. It assists to burn the ISO image file on your removable drive and create a bootable disk by its own. No need to manually program the removable drive to make it bootable anymore.

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is extremely easy to use and follows a very simple procedure to reset Windows computer. Unlike any other Windows password recovery program that requires certain level of programming skills to operate, UUkeys has a very easy and elegant user interface that will create no confusion whatsoever.

How UUkeys Windows Password Mate Works

The only thing that you will require to make this program work is to have a different computer other than yours. You won’t be able to use your own PC since it is locked but if you have a spare PC or laptop or if you could simply borrow one Windows system from your friends or families for only few minutes then you are set to reset the password of your locked computer.

The program is developed perfectly to run on any Windows machine including Windows Vista and XP. Next, you will be required to download the executable file from the official website which is rather liter in size and is around 65 MBs only which is nothing if you are using a broadband connectivity.

You will need to accept the terms and conditions of the program and install it on any desirable location. By default, the program will launch automatically after installation and for your convenience a shortcut icon will be placed on desktop as well as quick launch bar.

As soon you launch the program, you will see the trial version of the software and you can also compare the benefits difference between trial and registered version. Now, insert the USB pen drive on your PC and click on “Burn USB” to write the ISO image file on your removable drive to make a bootable password reset disk. Alternatively, you can even use a CD/DVD to repeat the same process.

As soon the bootable disk is created, your pen drive is now ready to unlock your protected computer and you may now return the borrowed computer to its recipient.

Insert the pen drive on your locked system and reboot the PC. Since, it’s a bootable disk, the program will be launched automatically on the startup screen. On the main interface of the program, you will need to choose the operating system that you are using. Currently, UUkeys can unlock any Windows operating system like Windows XP/Vista/95/98/2000/7/8/10 etc. Then, select the targeted username from the given list and click on “Reset Password”.

Wait for few seconds until the PC is unlocked then remove the pen drive and reboot your computer.

Surprised? Your computer will now welcome you normally and you will be able to use your PC normally now. It you had trouble in using the program, please visit UUkeys website for more information.


If you want to unlock your PC without losing any data and without going through any laborious job, then you must certainly make use of UUkeys Windows Password Mate to unlock your password-protected computer. Make sure to protect your computer with a password again as soon you regain access to your PC and don’t worry, if you forget the password again then at least you know how to unlock it now. It is guaranteed that none of your saved tasks will be interrupted by this program and at the same time your PC password will be recovered effortlessly.

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