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Ultimate Kodi Setup Guide

Kodi Setup
Ultimate Kodi Setup Guide At TECH DroidLife, we wanted to create a complete guide on how to install and setup Kodi. First off, we have to explain what Kodi even is and a bit of the history behind it, so that we can erase any type of misconception you may of had about it. Especially as a new user, Kodi can...

Is Kodi Safe and Legal to Use?

Is Kodi Safe and Legal to Use? Is Kodi Legal and is it safe to use? These are common questions that pops into a user's mind when being first introduced to Kodi. As you may already know, many people use this Kodi media player, as a way to access illegal pirated streams with third party add-ons. Streams that offer a wide...

Complete Guide To Jailbreaking Your Amazon Fire stick With Kodi Krypton 17.0

Welcome to the complete guide to Jailbreaking your Amazon Fire Stick. Here you will find step by step instructions on everything related to unlocking the potential of your Amazon Fire Stick. So what is all this hype about a Jailbroken fire stick and can it really access free content? A Jailbroken Fire Stick a term thrown around very loosely, giving an impression...

Reset Windows Password in One Click With UUkeys

Reset Windows Password in One Click With UUkeys If you a cautious person then certainly you will protect your Windows computer with a lock screen password to keep any unwanted activities or strangers away from your personal PC. However, you will be surprised to know that more than a million users forget their password per year and lock themselves out....

28 Adult Kodi Addon XXX Pack With Dimitrology Wizard

28 adult addon pack for kodi
28 Adult Kodi Addons Pack This adult addon pack is a convenient way to install 28 total adult Kodi addons. So if you already have a build installed and just want an easy way to install a bunch of adult addons in one shot, you can follow this tutorial. The addon pack will be available via the Dimitrology Wizard. You will...

Best All In One Kodi Addons 2017

UK Turklist Menu - Best all in one Kodi
What Are All In One Kodi Addons? An all In one Kodi addon is essentially an addon that contains a variety of different streaming content and not just with one particular focus. For example, you'll generally find sections such as movies, live TV, sports, kids, fitness or any other unique sections that may be apart of that addon. All in one...

Bennu Kodi Installation: New Phoenix Replacement Kodi Krypton

Bennu (New Phoenix Replacement) Ever since the TVAddons lawsuit, phoenix disappeared from the Kodi third party addon family. However, we now have a new reincarnated Phoenix addon called Bennu like most other addons. The menu system is slightly different this time around, but still holds true to the original Phoenix addon. You'll see some familiar names such as Crusader88, Dr Stream,...

WatchCartoonOnline Kodi: Installation Guide for Kodi Krypton 17

WatchCartoonOnline If you're looking for an awesome Kodi cartoon addon that has classic cartoons, subbed and dubbed anime, and over 1000+ movies then you seriously have to add the WatchCartoonOnline Kodi addon now! WatchCartoonOnline already has a popular domain located at and you can find tons of cartoon content to stream if you're on a tablet or PC. The Kodi addon works...

Fire TV Guru : Installation Guide for Kodi Build and Wizard

FIRE TV GURU - not sure
Fire TV Guru The Fire TV Guru build is available for both Kodi Krypton and Jarvis 16.1. The build itself is packed with most of the popular addons available. You have to install the Fire TV wizard in order to install the Fire TV Guru build. The color scheme of the build is black and yellow with different nature backgrounds as...

5 Best YIFY Alternatives For Torrent Users

yify alternatives
Yify Alternatives Yify was one of the better torrent sites out there. But recently, it became an overnight sensation since it had some of the best and highest quality prints for the latest movies. Then, it was soon sought out by the authorities, and the site was eventually shut down. Which was a clear shame, because this was a site...

Anime Torrents: 5 Best Torrent Sites to Use

Best anime torrents
Best 5 Torrent Sites for Anime Finding the best anime torrents is extremely important if you love this animation genre. There are lots of cool anime torrent sites that you can start using right now, and you just have to pick the best that suits your needs. With that in mind, we are here to help you find the best 5...

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Xtra Kodi

Top 5 Kodi XXX Adult Builds for Kodi Krypton 17

(UPDATED 8/29/2017)  Added additonal add-ons for individual installation Top 5 Best Kodi XXX Adult Builds In this awesome adult Kodi XXX list, we want to show you...