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The Best 5 Exodus Alternatives For Kodi 2017!

bubbles kodi add-on
Exodus Exodus is known for being the best Kodi add-on for streaming movies and TV shows. It scrapes from all around the web and spits out the most reliable links to stream from. Not only that, you could virtually find almost any movie and TV shows that has been produced and aired, along with all the past seasons as well. This is why...

Spinz TV Installation Build Guide for Kodi Krypton

Spinz TV - All in one
Spinz TV The Spinz TV offers some real goodies and some changes that separates this build from the rest. You'll be please to see that the interface is completely different from what you normally see with all these other builds using the old Aeon Flux/Xonfluence skins, where you have the menu in the center. In the Spinz TV build, it has...

How To Install SCHISM TV Build for Kodi

Kodi Schism
SCHISM TV The SCHISM TV build is now being maintained by Dimitrology and can be accessed through his repository. You would just need to download and install the wizard and you can access both Dimitrology and the Schism TV builds. Once you have it installed, you'll find that you can choose from 6 different types of interface/skins which is actually pretty...

Installing The Beast Kodi for Kodi Krypton

The Beast Kodi Almost a year ago, the beast was my favorite build to load onto my Kodi compatible devices. It had all the awesome addons that were available, the menu system was easy to use, cool theme and brand, and it was maintained and updated by a good developer named Chris B (Could be wrong). It was a very popular...

Install CellarDoorTV Build for Kodi Krypton 17

02 - cellardootv - menu
CellarDoorTV Build The CellarDoorTV is a massive Kodi build that seems to be flushed with many third party addons addons. You'll find that addons such as Mobdro, Droidbuddy, terrarium TV are normally used as standalone programs integrated into this build. The download size is roughly around 450MB, which is quite large and too large for devices as a Firestick. So, we...

Coke and Popcorn Movies Shut Down! Top Alternatives

vumoo - cokeandpopcorn
Coke and Popcorn  What a terrible end this is for the famous Cokeandpopcorn movie streaming site. It really had all the best quality movies and TV shows you could find and so much more. It was just an AWESOME site that had been around for several years and ran smoothly without a hitch. The Coke and popcorn streaming site was found on domains such...

iCloud Bypass Tools

best icloud bypass tools
iCloud Bypass Tools If you're having issues with the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone, then we have listed some of the best iCloud bypass tools you can use to bypass the lock.  The purpose of the iPhone activation lock was to prevent thiefs from ever stealing the phone in the first place, because iPhones can be flipped for a good...

List of Samsung 6 & S6 Edge Model Number

samsung-6 model numbers
Model Numbers Samsung is a big company with many different products. Apparently, phones themselves have many specific models numbers when it comes to products such as the S6, S7, and Samsung Notes and any other related devices. These models numbers are normally made to help distinguish the region and connectivity. So with such a long list, we've compiled a list to...

Install No Limits Magic Build for Kodi Krypton

Kodi No Limits (Recently Updated 9/3/2017) I honestly didn't start using the Kodi No Limits Magic Build until maybe a year ago when I first started seeing their YouTube channel. They created their own Kodi build and YouTube channel that provides some pretty good tutorials. Ever since, I've been using their "No Limits Build" quite often because they offer a lot...

Download Poot APK for Android [Rooting]

Poot APK I gotta say... strange name for an Android application. Poot Apk is simply an Android application that allows you to root your device. It's possibly one the easiest method of rooting your device because all you need to do is download, install the program and then follow all the necessary prompts after opening Poot APK. There are many rooting applications...

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Top 5 Kodi XXX Adult Builds for Kodi Krypton 17

(UPDATED 8/29/2017)  Added additonal add-ons for individual installation Top 5 Best Kodi XXX Adult Builds In this awesome adult Kodi XXX list, we want to show you...