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SPMC Versus Kodi

If your avid Kodi user back from when it used to be XBMC then you’ve probably heard of SPMC (Semper Media Player). This forked or alternative version of Kodi is developed by Chris Browet (Also known as “Koying”), whom was originally part of team Kodi for the android development side of things

Apparently, there were disagreement that arised within the Kodi team that caused Chris to leave. Therefore, leading up to the creation of SPMC, the forked version of Kodi.

SPMC does use a different app ID than Kodi allowing it to be complete separate entities. You can have both SPMC and Kodi installed on one device without any issues. You can also download it free off the Google Play Store very easily through a few steps.

Why use SPMC over Kodi

Well, originally there was an issue with the Kodi app long ways back being on the Google Playstore due to some copyright issues. SPMC became the next viable option being under GPL, there was no issues releasing it on the Google Playstore.

Still why should I use SPMC?

  • SPMC is actually a very good android application that can support hardware video decoding on many android based devices.
  • If you’re having any type of issues with Kodi, you can use SPMC instead as they are very similar to development and design.
  • Updated regularly and found to be very stable on many devices.
  • Occupies relatively small amount of space (53MB)
  • Access android settings quickly

So How do I Install SPMC?

You can install this android application on pretty much any android related device. Here in this guide, we’ll show you how to install SPMC on your Amazon Fire TV device (which is based on android OS.

You can also download the latest files here:

YouTube Video Guide: Install SPMC on Amazon Fire Stick

Installation Guide Android Device/Phone

SPMC is already available to be downloaded from the Google Playstore, just search for the application. Download and install it onto your device.

However, if you wanted to install SPMC outside of the Google Playstore then you can download the APK file from

Make sure your android device or phone has “Install apps form unknown sources” enabled, which will allow external APK files to be installed.


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