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With cable bills reaching an average of $100, many people are looking for ways to save money from cable companies. So streaming online has been a very popular option for a lot of individuals and families.

All you really need is a fast internet connection and a medium that can connect you to these online sources, like a computer or streaming box (Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick).

Video content of pretty much anything that you can think off can be found online. The first logical step most cable users that are trying to cut their cable money is to try to find ways to stream Live TV. Either it be for their favorite Live TV show or network in general, once they find the replacement, cable cutting becomes much easier and appealing.

After all, why pay more if you can access Live TV for free or at a much cheaper price, right?

Of course! So in this post, we wanted to list the best Live TV addons you can download and install. You will need a software called Kodi to installed onto your streaming device. Check out our list on how to do so below.

  • How to install Kodi Media Player for PC or streaming box.

Lets get started on our list of the top 5 live TV addons to install!

Top 5 Live TV Addons for Kodi

1. USTV Now Plus

Click here to access our install guide for USTVNow for Kodi

We decided this would be the best live TV options for standard cable customers, since USTVNow follows all laws regarding streaming rights. Obviously, you won’t get in trouble for streaming live TV online if crap hits the fan, as oppose to other streaming options.

USTVNow grants you 7 basic networks on the free version (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, PBS and My TV). The premium version that cost $29.00 a month will give you access to all major cable channels like AMC,SyFY, CNN, A&E  and other select movie channels.

THE USTVNow does require you to create an account and the account is free. You can sign up here at their webpage. Again you will get 7 Channels for free, HD quality for 45 days. You can upgrade to the premium service for 28 channels, HD resolution that cost $19.00 for the first 3 months and $29.00 thereafter.

2. The Sanctuary Addon

sanctuary addon live tv Click here to access our Sanctuary installation guide

This addon has become a very popular one to install on the majority of Kodi builds out there and we can see why. Its an addon very similar to the Phoenix addon, where you can find an aggregate of mini sources you can access. One popular addon called Oblivion, can now only be found within the Sanctuary addon and no longer works as a standalone addon.

Once you open the Santuary addon, you’ll find it broken down into sections, which include BAMF IPTV, Pyramid Live, Ultra Live, Fido Live, FreeView.

3. cCloudTV

ccloudtv live tvWe believe this is a definite must have addon for any live TV need. It’s beautifully sectioned off into easy to access menu categories like english, top 10, sports, news, documentary and more.

You can virtually find almost all US/UK channels on here and a few international channels. The links for streaming live TV work about 80% percent of the time, rough estimate. However, its still a really good addon to have in additional to your other streaming options.

Again, tons of channels to stream, easy to navigate interface, just easy to use for a simple user.

4. Castaway

CASTAWAY live tv Click here to access our Castaway installation guide

This addon has been around for quite awhile. You can find a live sports, live TV, on demand type of content on this addon.

Of course, the live TV content is found under the live TV section and you can find a good amount of channels to stream. The links can be spotty at times, but it also a complementary addon to all your other live TV addons.

So definitely, install this as an addition to your live TV streaming.

5. Sports Devil

sports devil live tv addon Click here for our Sportsdevil Installation Guide

Of course, by the title of the addon that this addon is made specially for sports but it does offer a live TV section. We found that it’s still a pretty good source for live TV streaming. It looks very similar to the Castaway for the live TV section and the links work about the same way.

You’ll find different sources or websites that you can stream your live TV content from. It scrapes their websites and produces the links for you to choose and stream.

Definitely get this addon for both the sports and live TV benefits.


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