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If your an avid Windows PC user then you know the possibilities of what you can do on this operating platform.

One in particular is emulation!

Most users like to have their own customization and specifications on their PC that emulating different platforms, applications or games become very appealing. The ability to emulate other operating system because they want or need to have access to applications that only that platform can use. Especially certain Apple products.

So, which is why we have emulators. In this post, we want to specifically talk to you about the top 7 iOS emulators you can use for your Windows PC computer.

Before we begin, what is exactly is emulation and what it’s use for?

iOS Emulation

An emulator is any hardware or software that enables the parent (host) computer system to run and behave like another system (guest). In particular for this post, we’ll be discussing running iOS platform on a Windows PC.

Emulator are specifically made and designed for developers to test their applications, games or any other programs. So, they are virtual machines that run and support the operations of applications that belong to another system.

Emulators are not just limited to iOS on Windows PC. You can run or emulate any other operating system on your PC, as long as the emulation software is provided.

Usage of iOS Emulator

Obviously to run Apple applications and games, but there are development goals to running an iOS emulator

  • Testing iOS apps during development process
  • Run multiple devices within the containing operating system
  • Finding any major issues with applications
  • Test applications with developer tools
  • Xcode development experience and iOS development

Benefits of iOS emulator

  • Working with one computer
  • Emulation is normally free to use, reducing the cost buying another platform.
  • Easy to use and install
  • Faster programming

Right below, we’ll list our top 7 iOS emulators to use!

Top 7 iOS Emulator for Windows PC

1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne-Studio1 iOS

MobiOne Studio comes in at number 1 on our list because this is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC. It enables you to run all iOS games and applications for free on a Windows computer. It can’t get any better than that! It’s also great for developing multi-platform mobile phone apps for Android and iOS because its acts as an emulator and simulator

The best part about MobiOne is you can create fundamental iOS apps very easily and be used anywhere with any device that works with it. In addition, you can brand apps with icons, share your app links through email, progress view and even adjust your app to where you can use it on both iPhone and Ipad.

Overall its great for beginners to develop iOS app.

Download MobiOne Studio

2. Ipadian

ipadian-top5 ios

iPadian is a very sleek emulator and is definitely one of the more popular program out for Windows PC. This emulator allows you to feel and touch the iOS just as if you would on an actual iPad. You can access the App store and download your favorite Apple applications seemlessly.

Ipadian is both available in a both free and paid version, which is as equally good for any iOS games and apps from it.

Download iPadian here

3. Air iPhone Emulator

The Air iPhone actually creates a virtual phone (GUI) on your Windows PC so well, that it looks just like a real Apple phone. This free emulator for your Windows PC functions with the support of Adobe AIR framework.

Once you open the emulator, the interface and menu layout will look the same as the iPhone with several pre-installed applications. Keep in mind, some application may not work due to hardware configurations, but applications like the internet, music, weather, mail, etc will work.

The only issues with this emulator is that it’s not used for testing applications at all, but simply provide the experience of an iPhone on your PC.

4. iPhone Simulator

This iPhone simulator is very similar to the air iPhone Emulator providing you with a GUI of an actual iPhone. You can definitely test out iPhones features like calculator, clock, notepad and other iOS functions.

Download iPhone Simulator here

5. Smartface

Smartface is an easy way for new users or developers to create their working applications. Surprisingly this applications can run both iOS and android on a Windows PC due to it’s cross-platform technology. It offers full-featured enterprise management platforms that increases productivity at the same time reducing costs.


The is pretty easy to use with its simplistic menu and design. All you need to do is sync your iOS app with and then you can easily stream your apps to any cloud storage device.

These devices could be a Windows PC, Mac, tablet, to even an android.


This is a great alternative to if your looking for the same features and functionality. The software allows you to develop iOS and Android apps on your cloud storage device.




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