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We wanted to compose a list of the best 5 Kodi adult addons you can install on Kodi. After all, you got to have the best streaming add-ons to give you all the free stuff found online.

Below we have listed 5 must have adult add-ons that are filled with both quality and quantity. You’ll get access to more than 40+ categories with at least 1,000 to 10,000 videos in each section right at your finger tips.

There is also another list right below the 5 add-ons in case you wanted to add more adult add-ons or maybe wanted to explore more options. To be honest, you really only need 5 total as these add-ons already have nearly a lifetime worth of streaming content.

There will a short description of each add-on and an installation guide to help you install it on Kodi Krypton. The process is relatively easy and we’ll provide a video tutorial as well.

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5 Must Have Kodi Adult Add-ons

AdultHideout XXX

This is definitely one of our favorites when recommending adult content. Its got a long list of 30 adult sources you can select from with tons of content within each source. You’ll find popular networks such as Lubetube, BeeG,, etc.

You get the point. Just almost everything under one add-on, just like a swiz army-knife.


Just For Him

This is another awesome adult add-on, very similar to the Adult Hideout add-on except of listing sources/popular networks like You’ll find tons of different adult content with up to 45 choices to choose from.

Each adult category seems to have at least anywhere from 1,000 to over 5,000 video clips and scenes. It’s just a massive amount of streaming content to select from.

Just For Him – Adult – Menu


This adult addon is exactly like the AdultHideout addon. You’ll have access to a total of 34 sources/networks that you can stream from, each with tons of content from movies to scenes.

VideoDevil has definitely been a favorite among a lot of Kodi users and one the oldest from what I can remember. So you got to have this if you’re trying to stream for adult content.

VIDEODEVIL Kodi Adult addons


The logo and menu might have some ugly combination of colors but doesn’t change the fact that its got tons of sources/networks to select from. You’ll basically have access to 9 streaming categories, around 118 sources/networks, images, movies and a section that ranks your adult networks.

However some of the 118 source/networks, may or may not work but out of so many. You can’t go wrong and its free anyways.

Ultimate Whitecream

The Ultimate Whitecream is branded quite well, its got a nice name intriguing logo, and easy simple menu system.

You’ll get access to movies, scenes, live cam, anime, webcams, adult tube and more. We definitely recommend this as another must have adult add-on you should install on Kodi. The links are always working and the quality of the video is great!

It pulls from many different sources found around the web.

ultimate-white-cream kodi adult addons

Extra Must have add-ons

So here are some extra add-ons we recommend beyond the top 5. These adult add-ons below work individually providing their own movies and scenes. Some of them are known adult networks like BeeG or Tube8.

Just click on the name/adult add-on for its installation guide.

If you don’t want to spend the time to individually install the add-ons. You can check out the top 5 adult XXX builds if you wanted a build plus an adult add-on packed already pre-packaged.


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