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Top 5 Kodi Krypton Build for 2017

Here is a quick list of the top 5 Kodi builds for 2017. You’ll find a variety of choices that may or may not fit your style.

There are some screenshots of each build to help you decide which is a better fit for you and a short description to give you an ideal.

You can also find the the installation guide right below the build’s screenshot. Some of the installation guides should have a video as well to help clarify any steps.

Otherwise, here are the builds below!

No Limits Build

When the Echo Wizard used to be around, the No Limits build was the number one most downloaded build and for good reasons too. It had pretty much all the best add-ons available, the menu system was easy to navigate, and you even had a pretty awesome section for adults if that was the version you downloaded.

Like any builds we recommend, it should have a shortcut widget above the menu for easier access to its movies or TV shows.

Pulse Build (Ares Wizard)

The Pulse is probably the most oldest and actively maintained build out there. There is always an update with this build at least every 2 to 3 weeks with the latest changes. If you’ve been a Kodi user for awhile, then you know that add-ons and their respective repository changes quite often making them unusable.

So if your looking for a good, medium sized build that is constantly updated. Look no further than the Pulse build because you’ll never feel outdated in anyway.

Pulse-build-01Pulse-build-03Pulse-build-02Pulse-ccm tvshows

Wookie Lite Build

I personally like this build a lot simply because of the theme’s color choices, which are black and red. The wallpapers are perfectly chosen to compliment the menu.

The horizontal menu is very sleek and visually pleasing. Surprising with the way this build is setup, it’s only 170MB in size making this a great build for small devices such as the Firestick. It’s smooth and fast, and easy to navigate.

Here is a quick list of just a few popular add-ons you can find in this build:

  • Sportsdevil
  • Specto Fork
  • BBC Football Scores
  • Zen
  • Adrian Sports
  • Wolfpack
  • UFC Finest (Or Planet MMA)
  • Ares Add-ons
  • Santuary

and so much more….

Diggz Fire Xenon Build

This build is definitely a popular download on the Ares Wizard. It has an adult section well hidden within the favorites folder or explore section with 20 adult add-ons to access. The format of the build is pretty nice as well as you can easily find the more commonly used add-ons on the build.

The nice features about this build that makes it different from the rest is the TV networks, stream section, unique font, organized favorites section, misc programs and of course the adult section (password is 69)

Titanium XXX Build

The Titanium is probably the best build with the largest adult addon section. You’ll have access to 32 add-ons available and that’s a lot of content to access. So, it’s definitely one of more popular builds because of that. It’s definitely one of the most successful builds out there, especially since Jarvis 16.1

titanium build krypton 17 xxxtitanium build krypton 17 xxxtitanium build krypton 17 xxxtitanium build for kodi jarvis

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this short list does some justice to being the top 5 builds for Kodi in 2017. If you have any recommendations, please drop a comment below. We appreciate your input as well!

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