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In the recent years, Kodi has been the go to software for streaming entertainment with high focus on movies and TV content from third party applications.

But… What about music?

That’s a form of entertainment we usually forget about or use less often when it comes to home media entertainment. However, it shouldn’t be left out since music is an important form of entertainment and should be a complement to TV and movies.

We listen to music in the car, in the shower, yard parties or on the couch after a long day of work. Whatever the reason may be, you are going to listen to music eventually if not on a daily basis.

So, we composed a list for you Kodi users who love streaming music, users who want to diversify your entertainment, or whomever.

We hope our list of the Top 5 Must Have Kodi Music add-ons satisfies your needs.

Lets get down to it!

Top 5 Must Have Kodi Music Add-ons

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is without a doubt, a must have music add-on for Kodi. It contains a lot of music content you can stream with easy to navigate categories. You’ll find it broken down to Artist, Albums, Compilations, and Billboard charts. You can even search for your favorite artist, albums, or songs and it allows you download the content a device memory. Another great feature of MP3 Streams is the ability to mix various songs and use it for a party. This music add-on is regularly updated by KINKIN


Ares Music

This is another great music add-on for Kodi with a lot of different categories. We’ll list them below now

  • UK Weekly Top 10 Chart
  • Live Radio Stations
  • BBC’s Live Lounge
  • Latest Music Videos
  • Music Concerts
  • IPTV Music Channels
  • MP3s On Demand
  • Music Themed Movies
  • DJ Mixes & Videos
  • Beatport Weekly Top Sellers
  • Compilations & Albums
  • Oldskool Bangers
  • Artist Interviews

As you can see, it’s a pretty large list to navigate through but that means more content for you as a user. So, this is a definite must-have Kodi add-on if you a music addict. Tons of great streaming content for you to access!


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Rave Player

This is another popular music add-on you should have. It contains a large list of oldskool rave tapes, mixtapes, podcasts and radio sets. You’ll also find a lot of other rave related music ranging from oldskool radio, drum and bass, jungle, house, to extreme hardcore raves. The podcast section in this add-on allows you to listen to audio along with videos as the same time..

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Project M – Music

The Project M is actually an all-in-one add-on with several diverse categories. It does a music sections that seems to be pretty intensive, so we wanted to show you what it has to offer. You’ll find a large list of categories you can choose from and we’ll list them below

The menu is as follows:

  • Agent K
  • Artists
  • Concerts
  • Indie Mix
  • Karaoke
  • Merlin Radio
  • Motown
  • Music TV
  • Now Music
  • Now USA
  • Pulse Jukebox
  • Radio Scrapers
  • Urban Mix

Music Box

This is a really good music add-on with tons of great content to stream. It does require you to make a free account with, then you can enter you credentials into the add-on settings.

It pulls content from several music sites like Digster, 8Tracks and a few others. So you’ll have a diverse amount of content to select from.  It does have a some notable features that you may find useful such as a search function, charts, and recommendations.


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Other Recommended Kodi Music Add-ons


Jango is a regularly updated music add-on. Here you can find many stations to stream from. It’s basically and internet radio streaming website,, made into a Kodi add-on. So the similarity to Pandora or iHeart Radio would be good comparison.

The quality of the streams are high quality and will load instantly when pressed. It has a large music database, giving you tons of streaming content.

The Music Source

The music source is a very well put together Kodi add-on and nicely designed. It offers quite a diverse amount of content such as live radio streams, top charts, music concerts, channels, movie music and more for you to explore. New sections are being added all the time and updated consistently.

The menu is as follows:

  • Live UK & World Radio
  • Pirate Radio Recordings
  • UK Top 20 Charts
  • BBC Live Lounge
  • Music Concerts
  • MP3 Streams
  • A great selection of IPTV Music Channels
  • DJ Mixes and Charts
  • Old Skool Bangers
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