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In this article, we’ll be showing you the 7 best movie and TV show addons you can install on your Kodi streaming software.

Obviously, you want to use the best addons available because they most likely will provide the best content and reliability, especially when you’re trying to stream a particle title. In the streaming world, we as users often experience links that don’t work and become dead all the time.

It gets frustrating… we understand it all too well.

We want working links, DUH!

At least knowing the best addons available, you’ll be able to find basically any title to stream because you’ll have 7 addons to look through if you somehow can’t find it within 3 addons

So lets get down to list of the 7 Best Movie and TV show addons you can install onto Kodi!

Top 7 Movies and TV Show Kodi Addons

1.Exodus – Oldest and Most Reliable Addon

exodus kodiExodus was just recently taken over by TV Addons when the original developer, Lambda, decided to stop developing and managing the addon. It was a forked version of the ever so popular Genesis addon, which provided tons of content and scraping of quality links.

You’ll always find a working link within Exodus, which is why this is our best addon for movies and TV shows.

2. Specto

spectofeat kodiThis addon is very similar to Exodus as it comes from the same based code as Genesis. You’ll find the same reliability and content but is maintain by the developer, Mr. Know. You can also use your TrakT account with this addon.

So definitely, don’t miss out on this movie and TV addon. It’ll will complement your streaming needs.

3. Zen

Zen has grown in popularity with similarities with Exodus. The main difference that we see with this addon is the Marvel and Disney sections, which is a great addition. You’ll find tons of content and reliability because it is also a fork off the Genesis addon code.

You’ll find around 50 titles for Marvel and 90+ titles for the Disney section

ZEN-KODI-024. Streaming All The Sources [SALTS]

This particular addon is quite useful as it pulls links from other available addons, which works very similar to the MetalliQ addon.  SALTS also support integration to keep your list synchronized across all devices.

  • Install Streaming All The Sources [Salts] Movie/TV Show addon

5. MetalliQ

It has a special function where you can actually search multiple addons that are installed on your Kodi media all at the same time. For example, lets say you have Exodus, Salts, BOB and Phoenix addon installed and you found a movie you want to stream. Once you click on the movie or TV title, it’ll load up a list of whichever addons contain that title. Say, you click on Exodus, it’ll load up the Exodus’s server list to stream from.

Metalliq sections

6. 123movies

123movies-kodiUnlike Exodus and the other forks, this is a great one-click movie addon for movies in Kodi. It won’t have to scrape several links from different sources as it uses one quality link to stream from. So it’ll save you the hassle of going through several steps to start streaming.

It specialized in moives and can be a great complement to your movie and TV show addons. Also, it’ll also list the quality of movie to the right so you know what your streaming.

  • Install 123 Movies – Movie/TV Show addon

7. M4U

This addon is very similar to 123 movies with the awesome function of one-click. You’ll also see the quality of the video next to each title. You won’t have to use an addon that has to go through several steps before streaming the title you want to see.

So if you get tired of multiple steps, then you want to try out M4U and 123 movies as your one-click movie source.

  • Install M4U Movie/TV Show addon





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