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Ultimate Kodi Setup Guide

At TECH DroidLife, we wanted to create a complete guide on how to install and setup Kodi. First off, we have to explain what Kodi even is and a bit of the history behind it, so that we can erase any type of misconception you may of had about it.

Ultimate Kodi Setup GuideEspecially as a new user, Kodi can be very complex if you don’t understand what everything is and all the finer details of online streaming.

With so many compatible platforms to install Kodi, we’ll only be covering a few platforms such as Windows and Android O/S devices. We’ll be updating more install guides for different platforms as time goes on.

We’ll also be covering the installation process on some of the most popular third party builds and addons available out there that make Kodi quite unique and so popular, and alternatives as well.

However, if the installation guide seems too daunting. You can always purchased a jailbroken firestick from SMASHCABLE, as they provide Kodi and other related programs pre-installed and ready to go! The pricing is also very cheap compare to other vendors you may find and have excellent tutorials on how to use the programs.

Let’s just break down the sections of this guide into a list, so that you what we will be covering in this Kodi setup guide.

Covered Topics

  • What is Kodi?
  • History Behind Kodi
  • Why You Need a VPN
  • Installing Kodi (Choose Your Platform)
    – Windows PC
    – Amazon Firestick
    – Android Box
  • Installing Builds
  • Installing Addons
  • Alternatives to Kodi
  • Final Thoughts

What is Kodi?

Kodi is simply a free open source software media player developed by XBMC that is available for everyone to use and even augment. It allows you to access all types of media content such as videos, music, podcasts and digital streaming media.

kodi logo

Kodi is even compatible on several platforms such as Android, PC, MAC, Linux and the Raspberry Pi which allows them to reach large audiences.

kodi setup on different platformsIt has its own unique interface and menu system, and works with both local and network storage services.

Just to clarify again, Kodi is a media player that doesn’t come with any sort of content. It’s merely a tool for accessing your desired content.

However with it being open source, it opens a lot of room for developers to create third party addons that may allow you to access digital content and enhance your overall media experience.

History Behind Kodi

Quick and short, Kodi has been around since 2002 when it was known as an ‘XBox Media Player‘ that was created for the first generation XBOX systems and then became Xbox Media center from 2003 to 2004.

xbox1In 2009, the XBMC developers decided to rename XBMC Media center and finally to “Kodi” and has carried that name ever since.

If you’re still interested on the history of Kodi, you can visit Wikipedia through here for more information

Piracy Issues

Within the past year, Kodi has been receiving a lot heat and being negatively associated with piracy and third party add-ons, which allows un-facilitated access to illegal streams and content found online.

This was mainly due to the many set-up box sellers selling and distributing devices around the world pre-loaded with Kodi and third party addons installed.

This situation often mis-led many users to associate Kodi with piracy and that this was the program and official developers themselves that were offering it. So they had many upset users going to the official site and forums asking for help when their un-official pirated addons weren’t working.

Why You Need a VPN

setting up kodi with vpn

If you plan on using any third party addons on Kodi, then its highly recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

It simply protects and encrypts any information such as web browing, media streaming, torrenting, and any internet data from your ISP, government or any unwanted eyes.

Your data history is secured between you and your VPN, which allows you become anonymous as long your online and connected to the VPN.

Here some recommend guides about it:

Installing Kodi ( Choose Your Platform)

There actually many different platforms you can install Kodi onto. The majority of these platforms are android based devices. You can find a pretty decent buyers guide and list at TheGeekyList, where you can find the best Kodi boxes and remotes to pair with your device.

Windows PC

We’ll show you how to update Kodi with your Windows PC. The steps are much easier and quicker than using an Amazon Firestick or Android device to update Kodi. Here is the link to the original article on how to install Kodi with Windows PC

  • Open your web browser
  • Enter into your address bar,
  • Select Download
  • Select Windows (Middle of page)
  • Select Installer (32BIT)
  • Download will automatically start (If not select, click here)
  • Open the kodi-17.4-Krypton-x86.exe file that was downloaded
  • Continue with the installation process
  • Kodi is now installed!

setup kodi on windowssetup kodi on windows 2setup kodi on windows 3setup kodi on windows 4

Great, so that completes our Windows guide on updating Kodi to 17.4. The process is easy and simply to follow.

Amazon Firestick

There are actually several ways you can install Kodi onto the Amazon Firestick. This is just one way that we prefer for new users to download and Install Kodi.

You can find out other methods to installing Kodi using the guide listed right below

1. Install Or Open Downloader App

At your Amazon home screen

  • Select Apps
  • Select Categories
  • Select Utility
  • Select Downloader
  • Select Install/Download, or if you already have it installed. Select Open

Setting up kodi on firestickSetting up kodi on firestick 2Install-kodi-17.3-step6Setting up kodi on firestick downloader

2. Use Downloader App to Download Kodi 17.4 APK

Now that we the Downloader App open, we want to enter the URL or use the browser to download the latest Kodi update 17.4, We’ll show you both methods below, so that can perform either one next time.

  • Open Downloader App
  • Select where you enter the URL link http://
  • Enter
  • Select Ok
  • The download of the file will begin.
  • Once finish, open the downloaded file and select Install.
Enter Kodi APK Download link
Enter Kodi APK Download link

Download kodi 17.4Make sure the link entered is
Process of Downloading Kodi 17.4 APK

Download with Downloader APP - How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Process of Downloading Kodi 17.4
Install button - How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Select Install button to Install and update Kodi 17.4
How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Finish Updating Kodi to 17.4

Android Box

Kodi Builds

What is a Kodi Build?

Kodi builds are basically packaged bundles that come with a customized menu layout, backgrounds, and popular chosen third party addons. You basically download the build package and have it automatically installed onto Kodi, then you’ll have everything you need to get you streaming.

Here are some screenshot examples of a build.

Setting up kodi with buildkodi build exampleThey look nice and it’s a quick and easy process for any new user.

Most of builds will at least have the necessary core sections such as movies, TV shows, live TV, sports and kids. Each section will have at around 4-6 Kodi addons installed that you can use to access that type of content.

Installing individual addons will take much longer than installing a build. However, once you’ve used Kodi for awhile. You may start to realize how many addons you don’t actually use. Eventually you may want to start setting up Kodi with addons that you really want and need, without all the extras bogging your device down.

So, we’ll list some popular builds you can check out and also a best build list to help guide toward builds fitted to you.

Popular Builds (For Krypton)

Best Kodi Builds List

Kodi Addons

What Are Kodi Addons?

Kodi addons are basically like apps from the Appstore or Playstore such as Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora. They usually perform certain functions and access such as providing movies or TV shows, streaming music, videos, and more.

kodi setup addonsSo instead of installing a build with packaged addons pre-installed, you can install whatever addons you want individually. The steps are relatively simple, it’s just a matter of following the directions and hoping that the repository is still working.

Apparently, Kodi third party builds, repositories, and addons are always changing. So you got to keep up with the updates whenever something stops working, which is usually every few months for certain addons.

Here we’ll list some best list you can pick your addons from.

Best Kodi Addons List

Kodi Repositories

What are Kodi repositories?

The general term in respect to technology, Repository, is a central location or container which data is stored and managed. More specifically, a Kodi repository will have data files such as video, program, and music addons that will will often auto-update whenever there is change to a particular addon.

So having a reliable repository is very important if you don’t want addons becoming inoperable if the addon itself cannot be updated with the latest changes. For example, TVAddons had a repository that hosted a variety of different addons and once this repository disappeared caused certain addons to become dis-functional.

We’ll use the Merlin Repository as an example. Once you have a Kodi repository installed, you can access the repository by going to home screen -> add-ons -> add-on browser -> install from repository. (May be different if you have a different skin)

You see that there is an add-on repository then video, program, and music addons.

kodi repository 01

Here are a video addons available within the Merlin repository video addon section

kodi repository 03

This is an example of different types of repositories installed onto Kodi. Each repository usually have some of the same and also many other unique addons that belong to that particular repository. kodi repository 02



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