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Ultimate VPN (Virtual Private Network) Guide

So most of you who aren’t computer savvy may be wondering what the heck is a VPN and do I really need it? Why is it being thrown around so often with Kodi?

We’ll cover as much as we can in this blog post to clarify any questions or concerns.

So lets break it down, What is VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a method used to add security and privacy to private (home), public networks like Wi-Fi Hotspots. A personal VPN protects very sensitive data that is normally be tracked or recorded by your ISP.

You’re activity and IP is either protected through the VPN and your IP replaced as well through their many servers, keeping you anonymous at all times.

So simply stated, you can access the same content and material on your computer and make it look as though you are in another location with a new IP. You’re real IP and activities is secured and protected through the VPN.

Benefits of using VPN for Kodi Devices

This is where VPN becomes very important if you’re an avid Kodi user. As some third party add-ons may have questionable access to sometimes illegal or pirated streams that you may not even know about.

By connecting to a VPN with your Kodi device, your activities of streaming online content is protected and secured through the VPN because your ISP or anyone that may be monitoring your activities will only see the VPN’s IP, not your real one.

Access Geo-blocked Content

A lot of Kodi add-ons may be geo-restricted to certain regions and if you’re having issues trying to access them, then using a VPN will resolve the issue. This happens a lot with Kodi sports related add-ons.

This can apply to other applications as well, lets say Netflix or Hulu for example. If you live in Europe and want to access Netflix, which is restricted to United States.

You can use the VPN’s US based server and you’ll have US IP address. That’s pretty much it!

Total Privacy – No Activity Logs

When you connect to you’re VPN, you’re activities are usually never recorded which provides you another layer of protection. No one will be able to ever find out what you do online, especially with web browsing or any questionable media streaming that that my occur with Kodi.

24/7 Hour Support

We recommend IPVanish, as they have great customer support when needed. You can also visit our blog post or FAQ guides for more help!

Cross-platform Access

You’re not only limited to one platform but many other ones such as Windows, Linux, OSX, IOS, Android and of course Kodi related devices.

Staying Safe and Anonymous

Again, this is the most important message of the day when you are a Kodi user. With all the events happening and media directed toward Kodi/Firestick users, it’s best to stay anonymous and secured through a VPN.

By signing up and using a VPN now, it will protect you now and any other unforeseen events like copyright infringement from your ISP or even worse.

Recommended VPN – IPVanish

IPV 728×90 (set 7)

Setting up your VPN – Installation Guide

We recommend using IPVanish as your VPN service when using Kodi. You can click here to sign up for a new account and use it in our installation guides below.

  • Fire TV/Stick VPN Installation Guide
  • Android TV Box VPN Installation Guide
  • Windows VPN Installation Guide
  • Router VPN Installation Guide

If you’re running Kodi on your computer such as Windows, Mac or Linux, most VPN services provide an application you can download and install onto your system. After the simple installation, you can enter your account information to log in.

If you are using the Fire TV or Stick, you can easily install the application under Apps -> Categories -> Utility. Enter your login information and start using it right away. You can folow the full tutorial right above.

VPN service is also great if you travel often or connect to public Wi-Fi locations often. This keeps your connection and any personal information safe and encrypted from unwanted eyes.




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