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Update To Kodi 17.4 

It seems there are many updates ever since Kodi Krypton 17 was released fixing minor and major issues. We’ve seen version 17.1, 17.3 and now we’re at 17.4. We always suggest updating to the latest version because there are always improvements made to it, especially in regards to security patches like those important changes made to version 17.3. So, we have to update Kodi to 17.4 to stay to date.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to update Kodi to 17.4 following our easy to follow steps with most operating systems such as Windows, Android, and the Amazon Firestick.

Amazon Firestick
(Update Kodi to 17.4 Using Downloader App)

The steps below are steps on how to update to Kodi 17.4 with the Amazon Fiestick. The steps are relatively simple and we use the Downloader App method. There are also other ways of performing this Kodi update, but have found this to be the best universal way.

1. Install Or Open Downloader App

At your Amazon home screen

  • Select Apps
  • Select Categories
  • Select Utility
  • Select Downloader
  • Select Install/Download, or if you already have it installed. Select Open

Categories - Update to Kodi 17.4Utility - Update to Kodi 17.4Install-kodi-17.3-step6Downloader - Update to Kodi 17.4

2. Use Downloader App to Download Kodi 17.4 APK

Now that we the Downloader App open, we want to enter the URL or use the browser to download the latest Kodi update 17.4, We’ll show you both methods below, so that can perform either one next time.

  • Open Downloader App
  • Select where you enter the URL link http://
  • Enter
  • Select Ok
  • The download of the file will begin.
  • Once finish, open the downloaded file and select Install.
Enter Kodi APK Download link
Enter Kodi APK Download link

Download kodi 17.4Make sure the link entered is
Process of Downloading Kodi 17.4 APK

Download with Downloader APP - How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Process of Downloading Kodi 17.4
Install button - How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Select Install button to Install and update Kodi 17.4
How to Update to Kodi 17.4
Finish Updating Kodi to 17.4

Windows PC
(Update Kodi to 17.4 Using Downloader App)

We’ll show you how to update Kodi to 17.4 with your Windows PC. The steps are much easier and quicker than using an Amazon Firestick or Android device to update Kodi.

  • Open your web browser
  • Enter into your address bar,
  • Select Download
  • Select Windows (Middle of page)
  • Select Installer (32BIT)
  • Download will automatically start (If not select, click here)
  • Open the kodi-17.4-Krypton-x86.exe file that was downloaded
  • Continue with the installation process
  • Kodi is now installed!

Great, so that completes our Windows guide on updating Kodi to 17.4. The process is easy and simply to follow.

Final Thoughts

That ends our guide on how to update Kodi to 17.4 on different platforms such as your Windows PC, Android, or Amazon Firestick.

If so some reason you do have any issues in installing or updating your device, or if there is a missing platform not on this guide. Leave a comment.

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